Why investing in yourself makes sense in 2020 and why CMIT is the right franchise model.

2020 has brought new challenges to the business world but selecting the right type of investment opportunity is still possible. CMIT Solutions is positioned to take advantage of the many changes happening in our world today.

CMIT Solutions strives to empower the world’s small to medium-sized businesses by providing innovative technology solutions and managed IT services. CMIT is a low overhead, high margin business model that does not require tech experience for entry.

Managed service revenue grows despite pandemic and recession.

The CMIT managed IT services model is based on multiple revenue streams and recurring revenue. Our model includes revenue from managed IT services, professional services, and ongoing hardware and software sales. Our owners primarily operate under managed IT service contracts with their clients that can range from 1-3 years. This provides easy revenue forecasting. Growth is continuing to happen this year. The CMIT system has seen a 16% year-over-year growth in managed service revenue for June 2020. Businesses will always need IT and CMIT is positioned to take advantage of the market opportunity with high margins and low overhead.

Low investment franchise opportunity.

CMIT Solutions is ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top low-cost franchise. Entrepreneur Magazine also ranks CMIT Solutions as #1 in the IT services category. CMIT Solutions has been around for over 20 years. This year, two of our franchisees are celebrating their 20th year in business. As a franchisor, we strive to provide a low-cost entry for entrepreneurs to build sustainable, long-lasting businesses. Find line item investment details on our CMIT Franchise Investment breakdown.

No tech experience required.

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds including Sales, Information Systems, Marketing, Finance, and Operations. CMIT offers extensive training and an already established infrastructure to help launch new offices. Our comprehensive Learning Management Platform helps fill the gaps wherever the owner needs help. Our national multi-channel lead generation program keeps the pipeline full. Our 2-year coaching program keeps our owners engaged, active, and excited at the prospect of building their own business. Many might think you need a tech background to open an IT business, but with CMIT Solutions we are here to help so our owners can concentrate on what matters the most: building revenue and maximizing profitability.

Work-from-home model.

2020 has brought new challenges for businesses. Companies are adjusting to the current environment and workforces are moving remote. For CMIT Solutions, this was not an adjustment because this has been our model for over 20 years. CMIT is an expert in remote work. This provides our owners with a low overhead model which is great for launch during this time. Not only do we operate in this model, but our owners are equipped to take advantage of this massive marketing opportunity by helping other businesses easily transition to a remote work environment.

Interested in learning more about the opportunity with CMIT Solutions? Check out our FAQ.

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