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We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions if you can’t find the answer you are looking for elsewhere.


We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.

Can I be an absentee owner of my CMIT Franchise?2020-07-02T00:26:43+00:00

No. Your position as a CMIT owner is primarily a business advisor – this means you are an expert and resource for your clients and community. While you will hire technicians to support your clients, it is important to actively participate in your CMIT business.

Can I have a partner & can my partner come to training?2020-07-02T00:27:30+00:00

Yes, you and your business partner can come to training. CMIT encourages a collaborative environment and welcomes all stakeholders who want to be trained.

How do I get a copy of CMIT’s Franchise Disclosure Document?2020-07-02T00:30:49+00:00

You will receive the CMIT Solutions FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) during our Discovery Process. First our Franchise Development Mangers will discuss the business opportunity and collect preliminary information to determine whether you qualify for the franchise investment. The FDD outlines in detail the partnership between the franchisor and the franchisees. Fill out a contact form to start the conversation and gain access to the FDD.

How does marketing work? How does the franchisor support franchisees in lead gen?2020-07-02T00:37:08+00:00

CMIT offers a combination of both national lead generation as well as local support. The CMIT Marketing Playbook and Success Wheel outline the marketing activities and strategies that have led our franchisees to success. Check out more information about the CMIT Support System.

How many employees will I need?2020-07-02T00:39:21+00:00

Within the first 90 days of launch you will hire technician. Team building and employee hiring  will be covered extensively during training and be supported by your franchise coach. As you grow you will hire additional technical support staff.

How much are royalties?2020-07-02T00:24:51+00:00

CMIT franchisees pay 6% of their gross revenue in royalties. This royalty supports brand and infrastructure building to help the CMIT network grow as a whole.

What are the primary responsibilities of a CMIT franchise Owner?2020-07-02T00:49:55+00:00

CMIT owners focus on managing the business. They are primarily responsible for acquiring and developing clients and building a team to deliver premium IT support. These responsibilities are streamlined by CMIT’s world class sales, service delivery training, and lead generation programs. CMIT owners manage all financial and operational aspects of the business.

What is the timeline to open?2020-07-02T00:31:30+00:00

Upon completion of the CMIT Discovery Process and signing of the Franchise Agreement the franchise will be awarded. Next is a 3-6 week pre-training period followed by a 2 week training onsite in Austin, TX. The last day of training is graduation and the official launch of your very own CMIT franchise. To find out more about the discovery process fill out the form and get in contact with a CMIT representative.

What makes CMIT different from other IT businesses?2020-07-02T00:50:35+00:00

CMIT Solutions is the largest and strongest network of independently owned and operated Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the nation. This network along with corporate helps new businesses flourish.

What type of assistance is provided after opening my franchise?2020-07-02T00:42:03+00:00

After attending the 2 week training each newly launched franchise will get a franchise coach. The franchise coaches are experts in all capacities of your CMIT business. Most have successfully launched, operated, and sold their own CMIT franchise. The corporate office collaborates with each location. CMIT offers a learning management and social collaboration platform (CMIT CONNECT) for all owners. The corporate office engages in a national lead generation program including a detailed Marketing Playbook and Success Wheel.

What type of franchise candidate is CMIT looking for?2020-07-02T00:45:09+00:00

CMIT owners come from a variety of backgrounds. Sales, technical, project management, marketing, and finance experience is helpful when starting up; however, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial vision is what truly makes the difference. CMIT offers extensive training in all functional areas to help owners from all backgrounds succeed in creating financial independence.

What type of training does CMIT provide?2020-07-02T00:45:32+00:00

CMIT offers an extensive 2 week training at the corporate office in Austin Texas. During this time you will learn everything you need to launch your business. The functional areas include: Product, Service Delivery, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Business Management. After the 2 week training each new graduate will receive a franchise coach for the first 2 years of launch. CMIT also has an online learning and social collaboration platform. Learn more about the CMIT Support System.

What will it cost to open a CMIT franchise?2020-07-02T00:48:50+00:00

The franchise fee is 49,950. For a detailed breakdown check out Investment Info. All expenditures will be covered in detail through the CMIT Discovery Process. Fill out the form to learn more.

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