Managed service provider
(MSP) business model.

CMIT Solutions revolutionizes IT with a dynamic franchise system,
empowering over 250 locations to become indispensable, trusted
IT advisors in their communities.

IT for the anywhere business.

Services we provide.

CMIT Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive IT support and technology solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. Our business model focuses on delivering customized, scalable IT services designed to optimize operations, enhance security, and foster growth. By partnering with CMIT Solutions, franchise owners are equipped to offer a wide range of services, from proactive IT management and cybersecurity defenses to cloud services and data backup solutions. Our approach ensures that business owners can focus on their core operations with the confidence that their technology needs are managed by experts. This model not only supports the success of the businesses we serve but also offers a rewarding and lucrative opportunity for our franchisees, empowering them to build strong, local connections and become essential IT partners in their communities.

Managed services

This is the basic needs for a business and includes things like firewalls and base email protection.


Security is the most important concern for our clients. CMIT Solutions makes sure all products and services sold are secure.


The cloud ain’t going away, it just needs a little more security than what can be provided by free services.

IT guidance

Building out the perfect package requires some consulting. We can provide the IT guidance a business needs to make the right technology choices.

IT support

This is the dependability factor of CMIT Solutions that allows franchise owners to be available 24/7 for clients.

Unified communications


Data backup

Data backup is a mandatory requirement for most businesses. Any type of data loss could be devastating to a business.

Productivity apps

Increasing productivity is a huge goal for our customers. We want to make sure they are always using the best.


Certain industries have specific compliance needs required of them by the federal government. This includes things like HIPPA for healthcare.

Network management

Network management includes things like Wi-Fi and VPNs which are needed to keep the network up and secure.

IT procurement

IT procurement is the sourcing and selling of hardware.

Three ways to make revenue.

Managed IT services

  • Our managed services business model allows clients to outsource IT management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates they can budget for and foresee. This also offers our CMIT franchisees an advantage because they rely on recurring revenues, which helps them to build and sustain an enduring asset.

    • These long-term recurring revenue relationships with SMBs mean a much smaller client base is required than a traditional, transactional IT business.
  • IT services tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

Hardware and software

  • Whether our clients need a desktop, server, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, we can help them choose the computers and systems that work best for their business needs. Best of all, we can set their systems up with proactive monitoring from day one to keep that new technology pristine.
  • Other hardware and software services that provide recurring revenues to CMIT franchisees include:
    • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
    • Managed print services which increase office efficiency by reducing printing costs and providing automatic reordering and maintenance
    • Videoconferencing and remote access protocols that meet today’s demands for telecommuting.

Professional services

  • Although our managed IT services packages form the core of our products and services, we offer a broad array of technology solutions based on evolving needs and extensive industry research and development.
  • We can do one-off project work for offices of all kinds, including:
      • Installing servers
      • Implementing cybersecurity measures
    • Implementing PCI and HIPAA-compliant networks and systems
  • We can provide multi-layered network security solutions to help businesses keep their data protected and their employees safe from evolving cyberthreats like viruses, ransomware, and data breaches.

Why are we the best managed service provider?

As an information technology franchise, we focus on proactive managed services instead of reactive break-fix services. That means we prevent, diagnose, and fix problems before our clients notice them, instead of only showing up when computers are broken or systems are down. This flips the usual IT relationship on its head—our clients think of us as their strongest line of defense when it comes to productivity and efficiency instead of just technicians tasked with fixing hard-to-understand issues. Proactive monitoring and maintenance also generate peace of mind for our clients since they know their systems are completely managed by a partner they can truly count on.

National vendor discounts

With more than 250 locations, our purchasing and negotiating power earn us the lowest possible cost with our alliance partners. Even better, we build long-term strategic relationships with each of those partners. They are far more than just vendors to us, and we are far more than just clients to them; with those relationships come great support, influence into product road maps, and status as their #1 channel partner.

Low overhead / high margin

Because of our strong product development and partner management, our cost structure is much lower than an independent IT provider’s cost structure. This gives our franchisees the opportunity to be more profitable working in the CMIT system. Our revenue per franchisee is in the top quartile of the franchise industry and well above other MSPs. CMIT franchisees have P&Ls that look better than most independent businesses, which leads to a better valuation for their company.

CMIT offers the power of a national network with the service of local CMIT owners.

CMIT Solutions offers these services through a nationwide system of over 250 franchise units run by passionate and skilled local entrepreneurs. Local franchisees simply do a better job of serving their clients and building long-term trust—local business owners like to do business with other businesses in their community. Our franchisees are not just IT service providers but trusted professional advisors to their clients.

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