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Our Information Technology Business’s Proven System

We like to give our franchisees the ability to quickly grow and scale in the information technology business — from day one. We have spent years building training, marketing support, product testing and development, business coaching, and well-established back-office systems that are second to none. That way, our owners can properly manage their customers’ systems and employees easily and efficiently. With CMIT Solutions, you get far more than a business in a box: when you open your doors, you have the backing of an established managed service provider with connections and references across North America. You have a client-facing 24/7 help desk and Network Operation Center. You have partnerships with companies like Dell, Microsoft, and Intuit. Best of all, you have the ability to immediately start building a revenue stream.

World-Class Training Program

CMIT Solutions franchisees begin their business ownership with a comprehensive training and launch program. Our Pre-Training Guide and Franchise Checklist are designed to prepare you for the successful launch of your business. This is followed by two full weeks of on-site training at our Austin headquarters, which allows our executive team and subject matter experts to teach in a workshop-based environment that focuses on applying basic skills to real-world situations. New franchisees leave the two-week training period with the practical experience they need to tackle the challenge of opening their own business. After training, we provide a detailed Marketing Playbook to inform you how we market for the entire system and guide you on how you can support those efforts locally.


After completing the launch period, the true relationship with your new CMIT Solutions family is only beginning. Our Mastermind Groups provide peer-to-peer feedback with brainstorming sessions, mentors, annual business limelight reviews, collaboration, and feedback. We consider our Mastermind Groups to be sacred communities founded on trust, respect, intimacy, and accountability, which you won’t find in an external CEO peer-accountability group, many of which charge upwards of $1,000 a month.

Launch Group

After graduation from training, new franchisees participate in our specialized launch coaching program, which covers all the necessary bases to help you open a new CMIT franchise with a step-by-step checklist. Your launch team and business coach will communicate regularly to assure that you hit the ground running together.

Franchisee and home office collaboration

Ongoing coaching and support comes from business experts within the Home Office as well as the nationwide network of franchisees. Our franchise management teams conduct regular “Success Checks” of each franchise business operation, while the fact that all of our franchisees operate the same business model means that every CMIT owner’s success is tied directly to his or her peers. Collaboration is in the very bone marrow of our company — but what is common at CMIT Solutions is uncommon in today’s competitive IT environment.