Increasing franchise success
with expert-led training.

From marketing to in-depth sales and customer service excellence,
our training
covers all the essentials you need to thrive in the IT industry.

World-Class Training Program

CMIT Solutions’ offers a world-class training program, combining pre-training preparation with intensive on-site sessions in Austin, Tx. These sessions arm new franchisees with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Playbooks, training scenarios, and role play, along with a multitude of other assets allow franchisees to practice for operational excellence from the first day of training. 


Pre-training will cover the basics of setting up your CMIT Solutions Franchise. Introductions will be made to some of CMIT’s partners for establishing your business accounting, insurance, and service delivery implementation. In addition, pre-training will provide an overview of the tools utilized to run your business, the products and services you will use to help your clients, and scenario-based solutions building. 

On-Site Training

Training provided by CMIT Solutions is a comprehensive program designed to equip franchisees with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully operate their own CMIT Solutions Franchise. Training focuses on marketing and sales best practices. Franchisees will follow scenarios through the sales process, learn how to build their pipelines, and the tips and tricks to maintain operational excellence. By the end of training, franchisees will be well-prepared to launch and operate their businesses. 

Online Learning Center

We understand that launching a new business can be challenging, which is why we provide ongoing
support to our franchisees. Our learning management system (LMS) is a valuable resource available
to all franchisees, technicians, and staff members. It contains hundreds of videos and tutorials
covering all aspects of the CMIT Solutions business model.

Continued Support

CMIT offers franchisees many opportunities to continue their education and to get support. Weekly office hours provide department-focused continuing education, best practices, and open forums to exchange ideas peer to peer. Currently, we offer Marketing, Cybersecurity, Sales, Service Delivery, and Deal Desk office hours. All of the continuing education components are recorded and posted on our LMS for quick access. We also offer continuing education through pre-recordings, hosted webinars, or workshops for the system. These sessions are designed to deliver the latest updates, processes, and frequently requested topics to keep the system engaged and growing together.

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