Why B2B marketing is important.

Marketing is the bread and butter of most businesses. From attracting new clients to building brand loyalty, marketing is a key to success for many companies. Those operating in the B2B (business to business) space typically rely on marketing even more, especially when the business first launches.

Different marketing methods are used in the B2B space. The most common definition of that is when businesses target other business clients instead of interacting with individual consumers. Some of the most common B2B marketing tactics include word of mouth, social media, email, website SEO, and traditional advertising. But before a business owner tries out these tactics, it’s critical to have a high-level marketing strategy in place.

At CMIT Solutions, we empower our 225+ franchisees located across North America with a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing approach. Our Marketing Playbook helps them in a number of different ways:

  1. Spread the word about managed IT services
  2. Connect with potential new customers
  3. Build revenue—often from day one

How does B2B marketing work in the franchise industry? 
Purchasing a franchise provides numerous benefits. You get built-in brand recognition and an established model for operating the business. Recurring revenue streams can help with predictable planning, while flexible hours and location requirements can lower start-up costs.

But challenges also exist, especially with MSP (managed services provider) marketing. Tech support isn’t an instantly visible product. So IT franchise owners may have to explain their company and what it does.

CMIT Solutions gives franchise owners a turnkey Marketing Playbook that addresses those challenges. This resource takes the guesswork out of B2B marketing. It also helps our franchisees tell their story and talk about the role of a managed services provider (MSP). The Marketing Playbook also breaks down different marketing tactics and platforms in a handy weekly and monthly format.

What are the benefits of a marketing playbook?
First, it helps new business owners translate complex topics into easy narratives:

  1. Cybersecurity protection becomes a competitive advantage
  2. IT support equals cost savings
  3. Reliable technology leads to a competitive advantage

This messaging resonates in the B2B marketing space.

The CMIT Solutions Marketing Playbook also provides direction for new business owners on:

  1. Budget allocation for each channel
  2. Recommendations for different markets in the United States and Canada
  3. Best practices for popular industries

Three aspects of good B2B marketing.
The growing B2B space includes many marketing approaches. CMIT Solutions has identified the following three areas as most important for new franchisees:

  1. Digital Marketing
    • CMIT Solutions franchisees get real-world recommendations about digital marketing tactics. These include:
      • Local SEO to boost web search results
      • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising that delivers measurable results
      • Social media engagement across a variety of platforms

New CMIT franchisees receive extensive training before launching their business and coaching throughout the first few months. The corporate office staff and other franchisees within the system are also available to answer any questions about B2B marketing.

  1. Email Marketing
    • Research shows that email marketing is still relevant and effective—even as our inboxes fill up with more and more messages. The key is executing different types of email campaigns around different subjects at different times of the year. CMIT Solutions runs monthly email campaigns that provide timely content about:
      • Cybersecurity risks
      • Holiday tie-ins
      • Google reviews
      • B2B referrals, and much more

We have years of data that demonstrates the staying power of email marketing.

  1. Traditional Marketing
    • This area covers several standard approaches:
      • In-person networking events
      • Outbound print materials like newsletters and brochures
      • Testimonials
      • Videos, and much more

This kind of marketing allows business owners to tailor their B2B marketing efforts. It also helps new businesses build lists of qualified leads, then follow up with them using drip campaigns.

Is PR an important part of B2B marketing?
Many businesses operating in the B2B space assume that public relations aren’t important. But human beings love a good story, and any good marketing strategy should craft a compelling narrative about your brand. That goes for both the franchisor and the franchisee. “Telling the story” means two things:

  1. Highlighting the main company and its strengths
  2. Showcasing the independent business owner, their history, and their commitment to the local business community

With B2B marketing and PR, if you don’t tell your story first, someone else will step in to do it. That usually happens through word of mouth or online reviews. Those are important components of any marketing strategy.

But they should follow your own defined “story” that you want to tell. CMIT Solutions’ Marketing Playbook lays that plan out in advance so you hit the ground running with the right support.

Another key part of CMIT Solutions’ overall marketing strategy is public relations support for all 225+ franchisees. We’ve worked with a trusted national PR firm for more than a decade. They help with digital and print media, business publication placements, radio and television segments, and franchising awards. This helps to build overall brand awareness and introduce the CMIT Solutions name to metropolitan markets across North America.

The final word.
In B2B marketing, the journey from awareness to consideration to a decision is different than in Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing. B2B marketing takes more time—but that can lead to more long-term brand loyalty. The decision-making process is typically more rational and thought out. But that leads to better outcomes than the emotional consumer buying process.

The CMIT Solutions’ Marketing Playbook helps our franchisees in the United States and Canada excel at B2B marketing. The guide helps to identify pain points, offer real-world value, demonstrate a commitment to service, and strengthen long-term relationships built on trust. We believe that no other franchise marketing strategy matches what we’ve achieved over the last 24 years.

Find out more about B2B marketing and owning an IT franchise by contacting us today.

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