CMIT Solutions understands the Huge IT Franchise Opportunities in the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market. For years, SMBs have struggled with inadequate IT service and support. And with technology driving business productivity, profitability, and efficiency, that opportunity continues to expand. By offering a broad spectrum of proactive computer maintenance, monitoring, and virtual technology packages, along with quick response services when unexpected crises occur, CMIT has carved out a singular niche as an industry innovator specializing in working with the SMB community. We recognize the huge opportunity ahead of us — that’s why we are the only franchise company that can offer affordable IT solutions to an SMB market desperate for a higher level of service and support.


Small Business Growth is fueling the demand for IT Services.
Since 1990, as big business eliminated 4 million jobs, small businesses added 8 million
US small businesses employ 56.1 million of the nation’s private workforce, compared with 51.6 million employees in the enterprise sector
A 2015 report by Capital One found that 50% of small business owners believe current business conditions are excellent or good


  • As of September 2015, the median cost of a full-time employee devoted to IT is nearly $72,000
  • But according to JDA Professional Services, a Texas IT staffing firm, it can cost as much as $150,000 to replace an IT employee who only earns $60,000. This is due to indirect costs related to loss of training, loss of institutional knowledge, productivity losses, consulting fees, and overtime expenses. IT employees also require ongoing education and certification,
  • Full-time IT employees can become overwhelmed by outstanding issues, resulting in a narrow focus that neglects bigger projects
  • Outsourced IT companies like CMIT have a broad base of knowledge shared between a nationwide network of business owners and technicians
  • Managed services convert variable IT costs into stable, predictable expenses without the additional cost and headache of a full-time employee
  • At CMIT, the lowest-cost, most highly credentialed resources are applied to recognizable issues first, while bigger problems are escalated to higher-skilled resources in a fluid and seamless manner so that resolution can be quickly achieved


  • Through a variety of methods, we remain committed to keeping up with rapidly changing trends in the technology world
  • After shifting to a proactive managed services model in the 2000s, we’ve added data backup, disaster preparedness, cloud computing, mobility, layered network protection, industry and government compliance, and cybersecurity to our roster of solutions
  • We move in new product and service directions based on research conducted with our alliance partners and regular internal polls and surveys that reach more than 100,000 business owners and decision makers

“CMIT Solutions of Southern Westchester’s responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge of both software and hardware allows us to operate at a higher level of efficiency than ever before, which is imperative considering how dependent we are on our office technology to continue making a difference in the community.”

Joann Gomez
Administrative Assistant of Washington Heights CORNER Project, WHCP


  • CMIT prides itself on solving the technology issues that our clients face instead of pushing unnecessary “solutions” or products on them strictly for sales or marketing reasons
  • We work closely with SMBs to identify their pain points and resolve them through affordable plans of action
  • We are committed to listening to our clients so we can help them with short-term problem solving and long-term strategy


  • CMIT owners don’t need extensive IT experience to succeed
  • Our franchisees come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including finance, sales, logistics, and corporate management
  • We give our owners the chance to commit themselves to their local communities, where they can make long-lasting relationships that are both professionally and personally fulfilling
  • Our franchisees belong to Chambers of Commerce, local non-profits, and corporate boards that allow them even more opportunities for networking and business connections
  • With CMIT Solutions, you will no longer be a cog in a massive corporate wheel, instead taking control of your destiny and building the kind of business you want

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