CMIT Impression: Visual Collaboration Made Easy opens up new worlds for small business owners

Mondopad Wall Tablet

Mondopad Wall Tablet

What is visual collaboration, and why should small business owners care?

More and more businesses are looking for ways to cut costs by reducing travel and using telecommuting freelancers rather than in-house staffers. This drives the need for high-quality video communication — but not just traditional consumer-grade video conferencing. We’re talking about a system that can reach across multiple video chat tools and allow for interactive presentations, document sharing, whiteboarding and more.

With CMIT Impression, our new visual collaboration package, CMIT Solutions has done what until recently seemed impossible: Construct a video conferencing system with the quality and flexibility of enterprise-level video conferencing systems but at a cost suited for small business — and open to all the varied video chat tools small businesses use.

The opportunities for savings in travel costs and time for small business owners and employees are enormous — and can fundamentally alter the way small businesses communicate and operate.

CMIT Impression starts with one of the most exciting pieces of hardware we’ve ever encountered: InFocus’ Mondopad, a giant, touch-optimized tablet with a 55-inch high-definition screen. The Mondopad transforms conference rooms designed for one-way presentations into dynamic visual collaboration work spaces, allowing for document sharing, interactive presentations, white boarding and other features.

By using Vidtel’s MeetMe service, CMIT Impression will allow as many as 12 users to participate fully in visual collaboration via a conferencing “bridge” that operates on the same principle as a conference calling platform — but has the distinct advantage of being open to any popular video-chat system, from Skype to Google Talk to Apple FaceTime.

And if you’re a CMIT Solutions franchise owner, CMIT Impression represents an outstanding value proposition, for all the rational, practical reasons. But Impression also carries a big emotional hook, too; simply put, the Mondopad is just cool. InFocus’ sales folks report that once people come across a Mondopad and start playing with the features — including its digital whiteboard with complete array of writing and drawing tools, plus multi-touch capabilities, camera, microphones and remote monitoring capability — they literally can’t keep their hands off it.

The core value proposition, though, is that visual collaboration offers small business owners the potential to radically change the way their businesses operate. It can help them save time and money, make better client presentations and foster tighter and more productive collaboration among staff and clients.

Visual collaboration is the future of small business communication. Interested in finding out more? See