One of the most common pieces of advice to those who are thinking about starting a small business is to do what you love. At CMIT Solutions, our franchisees have taken this piece of advice to heart. Our franchise partners come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they LOVE being business owners and in control of their personal and professional destinies. They become fully immersed and invested in the business, and the lifestyle change is something they welcome with open arms.

Here is what a few of our franchise partners had to say about why they transitioned into entrepreneurship and why they love owning their CMIT Solutions business:

“I’ve always had a strong desire to take the entrepreneurial leap and launch my own business. Business ownership is allowing me to cultivate a stronger relationship with my community.“ – Patrick Kelly, CMIT Solutions of Virginia Beach Metro

“CMIT Solutions came to the rescue of a client suffering with an aging server that was hampering productivity. We moved the office to the cloud and it had a huge impact.” – Nick LaRosa, CMIT Solutions of St. Louis Southwest

“I want to make a difference for small businesses in my community by leveraging my enterprise IT knowledge.” – Deb Reiter, CMIT Solutions of the Tri-Cities (Illinois)

“Phil and I were eager to unleash our entrepreneurial spirit and start our own business. CMIT Solutions provided the support we needed to hit the ground running.” – Debi Bush, CMIT Solutions of Denver

CMIT Solutions franchise offices are independently owned and operated. Unlike most local IT consultants, CMIT Solutions has established cost-saving relationships with well-known technology partners including Dell, Microsoft and Intuit. Plus, being part of a national franchise offers the opportunity to tap into a large consulting network of knowledgeable business owners and corporate support staff.

Entrepreneurially-spirited individuals interested in owning a CMIT Solutions franchise should have the ability to invest between $126,300 to $174,439, which includes working capital and the franchise fee of $49,950-$60,000. CMIT franchisees are given a sizable territory based on ZIP codes, and can expect to have 3,000 to 4,000 prime target businesses in their protected territory. Additionally, CMIT Solutions area developer opportunities provide strong career paths.

For more information about CMIT Solutions and franchise opportunities contact us or call  (800) 710-CMIT (2648).