Need grows for companies to outsource services for complex technology — and computer franchises meet the need

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Increasingly, companies outsource tech services to computer franchises to save time, money

Business owners everywhere are feeling the crunch of rapidly evolving technology and the need to manage it. For small and medium-sized business owners, it’s an especially tough challenge.

They used to be able to manage with an employee maintaining an in-house server on a part-time basis, or having a contracted “tech guy” on call to fix something when it broke. But recent advances in business technology — cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, the increasing use of high-quality video conferencing by even small businesses — have given rise to a booming managed services IT sector.

What are managed services?

In simple terms, they’re IT services from an outside party that sells, delivers, monitors and manages a company’s technology, usually for a predictable and affordable monthly fee. Managed IT services offer two huge advantages for small business owners: They place technology management in the hands of skilled tech workers, freeing owners and their employees to concentrate on the business; and they allow owners to count on a consistent monthly expense for IT rather than run the risk of a one-time, budget-busting expense if the technology fails.

Increasingly, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are realizing that managed IT services just make good sense. A recent Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) study found that 68 percent of end users outsource some or all of their tech services to managed service providers. Insight Research Corp. projects that the managed services market will see double-digit growth in the next four years. Clearly, businesses that offer outsourced managed IT services are tapping into a large market that’s positioned for consistent growth for years to come.

Even better, from a small business owner’s standpoint, is a true relationship with a managed services provider — not just a business relationship but a partnership based on trust and experience, one in which the provider is a trusted advisor to the business, practically a part of the team.

We at CMIT Solutions have found that local small business owners generally form the strongest bonds with other local small business owners. That’s why we’ve adopted a system of more than 130 local offices owned by local entrepreneurs and staffed by skilled local technicians who truly care about their small business clients. We’re operating in the same community, so we have an automatic incentive to meet (or exceed) our clients’ needs. Our goal is to form long-term, trusted relationships between all of our local owners and all their clients.

Our local owners don’t have to be skilled IT technicians; many of our most successful owners are just interested in technology and know how to run a business and serve a clientele. Interested in finding out more about how CMIT Solutions meets small businesses’ need for high-quality IT support? Visit us at or