shutterstock_537069868As the year comes to a close, CMIT Solutions is preparing for an exciting 2017 — and  all of the highly anticipated technological shifts that will signal a new year.

Though it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the next 12 months, we predict an even greater focus on data security. From small-scale breaches to large, widely publicized data disasters, 2016 saw more data issues than ever — and consumers are seriously concerned

While basic security protocols will keep you protected, they are only effective up to a point: ransomware architects and cybercriminals employ tricky methods of rendering even the best efforts ineffectual.

In the New Year, CMIT Solutions will continue to provide ever-stronger defenses against these attacks, including proactive monitoring, Internet traffic analysis, and content filtering.

Additionally, CMIT predicts a fully integrated mobile experience for even the smallest of businesses. Whether a company has one employee or 100, each person demands 24/7 access to files, photos, and information across every platform. With this data integration comes an increased risk of data corruption and security issues.

These changes can be challenging for busy small to medium-sized business (SMB) owners to navigate. Luckily, CMIT Solutions bridges this divide, providing peace of mind along with affordable, effective IT solutions and support. Click here for more information.