Turn on the news on any given day and you’ll see headlines reflecting jobs and unemployment. While students graduating from college are told that the job market is tough and there is not enough employment to go around, workers in the health care sector are singing a different tune.

From 1990-2012, the number of workers in the United States health system grew by nearly 75 percent – and 95 percent of those workers are doctors. With estimated growth in 2014 and beyond, this momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing. In fact, nearly 120,000 new health care workers joined the field in the first half of 2013 alone.

So what does this mean for IT professionals? As information security becomes a top priority for companies across the globe, the health care field is even more concerned with who comes in contact with medical records. With the recent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) going into full effect, all businesses that handle medical records in any capacity need the skills of a HIPAA-certified specialist at their disposal.

All CMIT Solutions franchisees are in the process of becoming HIPAA certified. HIPAA-compliant IT professionals are more attractive to potential customers. You wouldn’t trust a first-year medical student to give you a heart transplant, and that’s why CMIT is committed to making sure that 100 percent of their offices are HIPAA-compliant – CMIT understands that experience, safety and security is of the utmost importance.