A recent data breach signals the need for SMBs to adopt comprehensive strategies for IT solutions

World Wrestling Entertainment might seem like an unlikely target for a cyberattack, but the personal information of millions of WWE users was exposed for a few hours last month, driving home many important lessons about the need for comprehensive IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

The WWE was using AWS (Amazon Web Services), which relies on “buckets” used to store data in the cloud. Even after the WWE’s information was temporarily exposed, Amazon washed its hands off the affair, announcing in an official release that it was not to blame for the hack. Small to medium-sized business owners, beware: Amazon merely provides cloud storage services, but it is up to clients to take advantage of additional security options.

The take-home message? SMBs can no longer assume that merely storing their data in the cloud will magically keep it secure. Businesses looking for comprehensive cybersecurity need to hire an IT solutions provider who can track emerging cyberthreats, keep computers and data secure, and know how to retrieve and restore valuable data quickly in the case of a hack or breach.

CMIT Solutions is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges that SMBs face. We recognize that not all SMBs have the muscle to hire IT solutions staff to manage and monitor computers while securing important business data and employees’ online identities. With more than 170 franchise partners across North America, CMIT provides comprehensive IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of SMBs while constantly building expertise in the rapidly changing cybersecurity world. We know the problems, and we know how to provide solutions.

According to some sources, the estimated economic damage from cyberattacks by 2020 could run as high as five trillion (that’s trillion with a “T”). Many SMBs assume that hackers only target more lucrative large enterprises, but smaller companies can represent low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals. SMBs are advised to review IT solutions strategies periodically to ensure they are using efficient hardware and software systems, in addition to training employees about proper online usage and password protection so that they are proactively protecting themselves from cyberattacks.

CMIT Solutions ensures peace of mind for SMBs by delivering custom IT solutions at affordable prices while keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest cybersecurity trends. We also deploy proactive monitoring and maintenance that updates machines so they present the best defensive front in a vulnerable online world.

Do you have a piecemeal approach to your business data? Learn more about comprehensive IT solutions from CMIT Solutions and proactively protect valuable assets in the cloud.