The New Year is always a great time to reflect on the many challenges and successes we’ve had and, of course, set new goals for the future.

In fact, many will use the New Year as a transitioning point in their professional lives, whether kicking the corporate world to the curb, seeking more stability in life, finding a new job, or pursuing retirement. The New Year is a time for contemplating the future.

In tough economic times like these, entrepreneurship becomes a viable path for those who have worked in offices for others much of their lives. Franchising offers a path to pursuing the American Dream, but with a safety net. Nonetheless, moving forward with this resolution and keeping it are two entirely different matters. Like any goal, if you don’t have a solid plan to back it up, one’s goal can quickly become just another unfulfilled wish.

Owning a franchise like CMIT Solutions is a feasible way to transition into business ownership with significant upside. Franchisor home offices are there to give you guidance and support as you venture away from corporate America and take control of your professional dreams.

The benefits of joining a proven franchise system include investing in a brand that already has an established identity and launching a business without the headache of starting from scratch. Within franchise systems, the knowledge sharing that occurs between each owner sets the stage for best practices to be implemented in every unit. When you own a franchise, you operate a business at a much lower risk than as an independent.

It’s important to surround yourself with a support structure. It is one of the most important factors in keeping your career resolution. Whether your resolution is to lose a few pounds, purchase a new home, or change career paths, your support structure is there to encourage and inspire you to make it happen.

CMIT Solutions awards franchise opportunities to driven and motivated individuals who are tired of the stress and anxiety that surrounds corporate America. If you’re interested in becoming your own boss and working with a talented and supportive home office, CMIT Solutions might be the vehicle to make your New Year’s Resolution a reality.