No matter the industry, running a business solo can be both rewarding and challenging. Hard work, sacrifice and patience often pay off. However, market forces, barriers to entry, and budget constraints can limit the potential of sole proprietors.

Franchising is one way for independents on their own to overcome some of the obstacles they face. Franchising is often characterized by the statement, “You’re in business for yourself, just not by yourself.”

In no other industry is this more relevant than in the small and mid-size business IT services field. Individuals running IT services businesses on their own face a mountain of challenges. These include:

  • Higher costs for products and services needed to run their business
  • Smaller sales margins
  • Modest marketing
  • Shrinking market share due to large technology companies and big-box chains marketing to the small business community

CMIT Solutions has a course of action for independents that can help alleviate what may seem to be insurmountable challenges.

The company has developed a winning business model that can easily be integrated into independent IT shops. Known as the CMIT Solutions Affiliate program, independents can take advantage of the proven CMIT Solutions sales and marketing processes, leading technology vendor relationships, and unique managed services delivery platforms to grow their businesses and increase the long-term value of their business as an asset.

Becoming part of the CMIT Solutions system provides countless competitive advantages. With more than 150 offices nationwide, CMIT Solutions owners can leverage the knowledge, expertise, and experience that others have developed to better serve their clients.

CMIT Solutions is interested in awarding the Affiliate opportunity to intelligent, growth-minded owners of independent IT companies and managed service providers who wish to take their business to the next level. For more information email Sheri Vandermause at, or call her at (512) 879-4512.