The video game industry has continued to grow with the introduction of new technology and platforms. Although these games are meant to be entertaining, as the industry grows, the online gaming community has become a popular target for hackers.

Experian, the credit and identity theft protection firm, published a report about the impending issue of video-game data breaches in 2019. The company stated that cybercriminals could “easily pose as a gamer, build trust within a particular game or community, and gain access to privileged inside information.” Younger players are particularly vulnerable to hackers as it’s common for them to play with and against strangers. Children and teens can easily be persuaded into providing personal information such as home addresses, passwords, and credit card specifics when they believe they are in a trusted environment. This issue is especially common when it comes to in-game purchases.

While anyone can be a victim of a phishing attempt, there are a few steps you can take to protect your gaming equipment. Some companies have parental controls in place in order to allow parents to monitor their child’s gaming activities. This can help in preventing children from purchasing in-game assets or interacting with players from other networks. Another resource to check out is Kotaku’s gamer’s guide. The article from Kotaku, a video game website and blog, suggests using a password manager or two-step authentication as valuable tools to defend against hackers.

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