screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-3-33-38-pmFar too many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) suffer from fraudulent attacks that threaten not only their data but also the private information of clients. While these breaches may sometimes be minor, too often they can serve as the death knell for a company. Recently, international corporation Leoni AG suffered a massive loss to the tune of $44 million — all because of email compromise.

SMBs simply can’t afford to pay that sort of price, which is where CMIT Solutions comes in. We do the preventative work for you so you never have to worry in the face of a huge tech emergency. With our proactive, preventative services, you’re protected.

Ransomware, email breaches, and data security can threaten business operations, leaving employees unable to do their jobs while owners and key decision makers scramble to navigate the after effects. CMIT Solutions bridges this divide for small to medium-sized businesses, providing peace of mind along with affordable, effective IT solutions, and support.

CMIT Solutions has a name for this: the “complete solution.” This collection of services includes commercial-grade file sync and share, fully encrypted data (both in transit and at rest), fully secured mobile devices, systematized mobile device acceptable use policy and enforcement, comprehensive level-10 password management, and prompt employee provisioning and de-provisioning, all wrapped within a knowledgeable, responsive support desk that has a complete understanding of this managed ecosystem.

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