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What Does the Death of Windows XP Mean for Businesses?

In 2001, the Nokia brick was the most popular cellular telephone. The first iPod was released that same year, boasting a mechanical scroll wheel and a FireWire-only charging cable. Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist, and YouTube was just a pipe dream. 2001 is also the year that Windows XP was released.

Clearly, technology has grown leaps and bounds in the ensuing 13 years.  Nearly everyone has a smartphone or iPod, Twitter and Facebook have hundreds of millions of members, and computer operating systems have improved exponentially as well.

Did you know that almost 30% of small businesses still use Windows XP as their in-office operating system? On April 8, 2014, Windows will cease all tech support for XP. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that there will be no more security for any data that lives on a computer served by XP. It’s the equivalent of going on vacation for the entire summer and leaving the front door wide open.

At CMIT Solutions, our franchisees are committed to helping small- and medium-sized businesses in their communities make a seamless transition from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8. By staying on top of tech trends like this, CMIT can more effectively serve clients, many of whom are more attracted to an IT provider who can quickly identify security risks for their businesses.

CMIT Solutions understands that data safety and security of information is one of the most important concerns for clients. If you’re interested in serving this rapidly growing marketplace, get ahead of the curve with your very own CMIT franchise.