Austin, Texas-based CMIT Solutions is looking to open multiple franchises in Memphis, with a goal of having the first location open by the end of 2013.

CMIT Solutions provides technology support for computers, mobile devices and tablets, and currently has 137 offices around the U.S., employing an estimated 700 technicians, according to Sheri Vandermause, the company’s vice president of franchise development. The company has 10 locations in Georgia and Kentucky, but none in Tennessee. When it opens the Memphis franchise, that location will be the first.

Vandermause said the company specializes in providing support for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees. A local franchise would provide 24/7 tech support. Franchises cost $49,950 and franchisees should have between three and five years of business experience. They don’t have to have a background in technology.

“They can hire that support, but they should understand the impact technology has on a business,” Vandermause said.

The company’s support staff would help franchisees launch their businesses, but they will hire as many as seven local technicians as the business grows. CMIT also has partnerships with Dell Inc. and Intuit Inc. to provide hardware and software support.

“A small, local company can have the benefits of our national partnerships,” she said. “We’re looking for the right people in Tennessee, and our overall goal is to be a nationally recognized company that can provide resources to small businesses at better prices.”