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Leading the Evolution of SMB IT Services from Device-Centric to User-Centric

I am excited to share this first installment of blog entries that capture the innovation CMIT Solutions is driving in small to medium-sized business (SMB) IT services.

With this first entry on the CMIT Solutions Managed Ecosystem, I’ll introduce why the managed technology ecosystem approach is a game changer. In subsequent entries, I’ll break down why CMIT Solutions is putting considerable resources toward being on the leading edge of this evolution, and I will discuss the benefits of this new age in the IT industry.

In simple terms, the managed ecosystem approach shifts the focus of IT support from individual devices to individual users. We were there at the birth of managed IT services, serving as the conduit between small and medium-sized businesses and a revolutionary force in IT management. Now understand why that approach must change from device-centric to user-centric. The time has come for a managed ecosystem.

In more detail, several disruptive forces have changed the game – cloud computing, cybercriminal activity, and mobility, just to name a few. But nothing has increased the complexity of managing SMB technology more than the deluge of devices into the workplace. In fact, on average, small business employees use three devices in the course of their daily work. Thus, we must rethink how SMBs are managing this tech architecture, or ecosystem. Looking at each employee’s usage tendencies is the most comprehensive way to provide a complete solution.

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While there are many complexities to managing the ecosystem, the basics of the complete solution include:

  • Commercial-grade file sync and share
  • Fully encrypted data in transit
  • Fully secured mobile devices
  • A comprehensive mobile device acceptable use policy
  • Systemized mobile device acceptable use policy enforcement
  • Comprehensive level 10 password management
  • Prompt and complete employee provisioning and de-provisioning
  • A knowledgeable, responsive support desk that has complete awareness of all elements of the managed ecosystem.

The days of one or two devices are gone. Three is the standard, but the bring your own device (BYOD) revolution is quickly increasing that number to four or even five. Those who can deliver a complete ecosystem management solution will flourish going forward. CMIT Solutions is in prime position to do just that.

Jeff Connally HeadshotJeff Connally is the President & CEO of CMIT Solutions, a leading provider of managed services and other computer consulting services. With over 140 units run by 125 franchise partners, CMIT Solutions is in the top 5% of Managed Service Providers (MSP) nationwide. We offer proactive, preventative IT solutions at an affordable price, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy superior service and support.