It may be difficult to believe, but in 1990, 96% of Americans had no cellphone — smart or otherwise. People mostly listened to music on tapes and watched movies on video cassettes. Only a meager 1% of American households had Internet, and it was the painfully slow dial-up version. In the span of a mere 20 years, we have seen explosive growth in digital technology. Voice-activated devices route our orders to online stores or play music. We stream movies on our computers and smart televisions. Video rental stores are history.


Such a massive and swift overhaul of the technology landscape has not come without incident. Data is the primary currency in the digital world, and just as computers continue to touch every aspect of our lives, cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated at stealing this data for malicious gain. Major concerns continue to linger over the safety and privacy of online data.


Although the early years of cybercrime typically saw lone wolves with localized damage, we can expect systematically large-scale executions in 2020, with malicious chips and cryptojacking representing the next frontier of cybercrime. Not surprisingly, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are not immune to such cyberattacks. Unfortunately, the sophisticated evolution of cybercrime coincides with a growing lack of skilled IT talent to combat these growing threats.


Businesses will need a dedicated staff as cybersecurity becomes more operational. We cannot afford to put cybersecurity on the back burner or treat it as an afterthought to business plans. Expect businesses to assign distinct resources to protect and work with sensitive data. For SMBs, this will mean an increasing reliance on cybersecurity professionals like CMIT Solutions who stay on top of growing threats in the industry and guard against new points of attack. Businesses that invest in cybersecurity can consistently leverage the best that technology has to offer.


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