In the fall of 2016, Micron Technology Inc. offered severance packages to its employees. And after 28 years with the company, Scott Freund was ready. In an article in Meridian Press, Freund talked about how he had provided IT support to Micron employees for years — and how he planned to leverage that experience to deliver IT solutions to small businesses. He found the perfect vehicle in CMIT Solutions and recently became a franchise partner in Meridian, Idaho.

Freund has a colorful background as a team roper in rodeos, and in the feature story he joked about his friends referring to him as a “high-tech redneck.” These days, Scott lassos new business as a CMIT franchisee, putting his corporate experience to good use customizing security solutions for small businesses near his hometown, Homedale, Idaho.

Over the last 20 years, CMIT has established itself as a national leader for comprehensive IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. At a time when cybersecurity is an increasing concern, franchise partners like Freund utilize CMIT’s national reputation and brand recognition to deliver cutting-edge protection for companies who want to know that a trusted business partner will take care of their IT needs.

CMIT’s extensive training and ongoing support system increases visibility for franchise partners through a multi-pronged approach, including extensive training, ongoing coaching, marketing support, and media coverage like Freund’s feature in Meridian Press.

Freund says he’s grateful to lean on CMIT’s expertise as technology evolves and franchisees across North America deploy the latest tools for IT security. “It’s hard for even me to keep up on new tech and where it’s going,” Freund says. “That’s why CMIT’s national network is so beneficial — they know how to keep up with the latest IT trends they’re keeping up with the latest and greatest.”

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