Mark Patrizia, President of Rabe Environmental Systems in Erie, Pennsylvania, knew his piecemeal approach to IT solutions was not working – he worried about cybersecurity and the next malfunction lurking around the corner. One of the 120 employees in his company opened a malware attachment getting the company blacklisted. It took two days to get services restored and Patrizia knew he needed professional help. He found just that with Beth Burnside, President of CMIT Solutions of Erie.

CMIT Solutions franchise providers like Burnside deliver comprehensive and cutting-edge IT security solutions and services to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at an affordable price. Since franchise providers keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, computer and software updates and online business data protection, they earn the trust of businesses like Rabe that rest assured that their IT solutions are taken care of.

“CMIT Solutions gives us the confidence that if we have a problem, we can call Beth and she and her team will work tirelessly to fix the problem,” Patrizia says, “We’re confident that our systems are working; any issues we’ve had have been resolved easily. CMIT Solutions of Erie has qualified people who understand the issues that face businesses of our size.”

In Rabe’s case, Burnside was quick to set up a secure firewall, upgrade the company server and switch processes to Office 365. “Ultimately, she took the burden off of our employees

—we don’t have a fire drill every time someone says they have a computer problem,” Patrizia says.

SMBs like Rabe do not always have the technical knowhow or the resources needed to employ IT personnel internally. At the same time, as work gets increasingly done through emails and other forms of online communication, SMBs are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and phishing scams. CMIT Solutions delivers IT solutions to precisely such businesses so they can continue doing what they do best, while letting a CMIT Solutions franchise provider keep their IT systems humming.

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