Managers of small to medium-sized businesses are pulled in a thousand different directions every day. But IT challenges have increasingly occupied a larger bandwidth than necessary. News of data breaches and the accelerating adoption of technology across a range of sectors has led to a need for executive decisions on how best to handle complex IT needs. This comes at a time when SMBs have very few resources at their disposal.

All this points to the necessity of hiring an external IT solutions provider that can provide SMBs with comprehensive, customized solutions. This too can be a difficult decision, so here are a few questions SMB managers need to ask before outsourcing their IT tasks.

Do you have 24/7 IT support?

A proactive approach to data security and server access will keep IT systems running like a well-oiled machine when you need them. Having a partner who can provide support and a help desk available around the clock is critical to ensure competitiveness.

How extensive are your security solutions?

A basic firewall is no longer enough in today’s complex cybersecurity world. Your business data is vital currency and needs to be protected by an IT solutions provider that keeps their finger on the pulse of changing trends in the industry. The best provider offers a whole suite of protections, from anti-virus and anti-malware software to IP traffic analysis and other layered protections.

Does the IT provider serve businesses of different sizes?

One size does not fit all when it comes to the complex IT needs of SMBs. Look for a nimble provider that has experience working with small businesses like yours and can deliver an IT solutions package that keeps your unique needs in mind. These can include compliance with government encryption requirements or other policies in addition to basic everyday tasks.

Does your IT provider have a nationwide reach?

Having virtual offices sometimes requires support at various locations in different time zones. Look for IT providers that have a deep bench of national partners they can rely on to deliver the best services at lightning speed.

Today’s constantly changing business landscape demands agility. Strong IT services form an essential component of every SMB. When managers don’t have extensive resources to devote to complex IT challenges, partnering with an IT solutions provider that understands every nuance of the industry can change the game.

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