CMIT Solutions looks to grow locally as its south Fort Collins office nears its 10th anniversary.

Q: What is CMIT?

A: CMIT Solutions offers a broad menu of technical support and (information technology) services that all point toward one goal: helping a small business run smoothly and be more successful. Our locally-owned offices provide a full range of computer management and information technology solutions for our clients.

These offerings range from fully managed site support to help desk services to disaster recovery planning to on-demand troubleshooting. We are the affordable outsourced IT department to help small and medium sized business get the most out of their investment in technology.

Q: How long have you been in Fort Collins and what is your growth plan here?
A: The CMIT Solutions office of south Fort Collins will celebrate its 10th anniversary in April. We see Fort Collins as an extremely attractive market, and plan to expand our coverage by partnering with local IT businesses through our affiliate program as well as providing opportunities to business ownership for managers and executives who wish to control their own future.

Q: What types of businesses do you work with and on what technology?
A: Locally, we work with a wide variety of businesses. These include several of the local town government associations, nonprofits, homebuilders and a number of service businesses such as certified public accountants. … We provide support for their systems, networks, security, and other technology devices.

Q: What are the biggest technical issues companies have that you can help with?
A: One of the greatest challenges today is the effective integration of “smart devices” such as tablets and smartphones. Devices designed for personal and entertainment use do not always provide clean solutions for business applications. They also present security issues for businesses, particularly when the individual may own the device.

Q: What is the biggest mistake companies make when purchasing or bringing on new technology?

A: An issue that we regularly see is a technology decision that is not tied to the intermediate-term business need. A user may buy a product at retail, when they really need a business-class system. Or they may buy a tablet only to find that it does not support their line of business applications.

We also see business overspend on technology when a simpler solution would have been more effective. As a strategic investment in the success of the business, many of our clients and prospects lack a technology plan, which can end up with (their) spending creating an unforeseen impact on the productivity of the staff.

Q: How did you get into this business?

A: I have been involved with computer technology for more than 40 years. Much of that time has been in product marketing and product planning in technology firms. I have also managed professional service organizations that provided either technology deployment services or business and web consulting. The CMIT Solutions business has allowed me to work more directly with business owners, which has been very satisfying.