Community-focused franchise

Nonprofits require the same technological sophistication as for-profit businesses, just on a much tighter budget. However, close to 90% of nonprofits suffer from limited to no IT support, meaning that it is more difficult for these organizations to manage internal operations, appeal for financial support, promote their cause, and, most importantly, deliver critical services and support to individuals, families, and communities in need.

For nonprofits, closing the technology gap is critical, especially at a time when federal, state, and local governments are forced to cut back on social support programs and public donations to nonprofits have started to dry up.

At CMIT Solutions, our business owners are proud and excited to support individuals, causes, and organizations that make society a better place. It’s a mutual relationship, so in return, we have gained trust and attention among brand advocates and other players in the IT industry.

Our work with these organizations has generated leads and new business opportunities, and this involvement also helps position CMIT Solutions as a brand with unlimited potential for giving back to local communities.

Sam Gupta, the president of CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh North, is highly aware of the technological challenges and unique set of needs of Pittsburgh-area nonprofits. He has worked with countless local organizations and associations that have completely redesigned their technology infrastructure in the past few years, including the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and the Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church, among others.

Business owners like Gupta work with these organizations to eliminate the IT chaos and empower their teams to be more productive so that they can concentrate on running their business and doing good for the community.

If you’re interested in becoming a business owner in a rapidly growing and community-oriented marketplace, get ahead of the curve with your very own CMIT franchise. Visit for more information on CMIT Solutions and to learn about our proven franchise opportunity.