Joining the CMIT Solutions network means enjoying limitless support provided by the system.

One resource that has proven to be especially invaluable is Mastermind Groups. Since the program’s inception in 2008, Mastermind Groups have brought together committed business owners to discuss topics ranging from leadership to marketing, sales, and customer service. Currently, nine Mastermind Groups with more than 60 business owners exist throughout the CMIT network.

­­Mastermind Groups are highly diverse in terms of participation and membership. Business owners join during different times in their operation and vary in length and revenue standing within the system. Each group follows a strategic process in accepting and recruiting its members to assure the group is operating at its highest potential.

At their core, Mastermind Groups are a sacred community founded on trust, as members openly discuss accomplishments, struggles, and financial matters with one another. Although the home office acts as a supporting arm helping to facilitate Masterminds, the groups generally function on their own and independently determine structure, membership, agendas, and meetings.

CMIT Solutions recognizes Mastermind Groups in the system and emphasizes their importance. In fact, the prestigious award for Mastermind Group of the Year is given annually at CMIT’s Convention. Each year, the winning group is chosen based on their structure and execution of goals and projects as a team.

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