Consider implementing a multi-pronged system approach to secure your business data and minimize disruptions in case of extreme natural events

Across the country, spring weather has finally arrived, giving cities and states the chance to conduct emergency preparedness drills and prepare for extreme weather events. From forest fires to hurricanes and tornadoes, natural disasters can potentially disrupt routine activities, making proactive preparedness a critical component of any security strategy.

While such efforts are underway, also consider whether your business and its valuable data survive a disaster. The Small Business Administration has found that nearly two-thirds of small business owners do not have a disaster recovery plan in place. In the event that a major disaster does occur, your business could lose valuable revenue if IT systems go down for extended periods of time.

Here are a few common-sense solutions that small to medium-sized businesses should implement in case the unthinkable does happen:

  • Prepare offsite, encrypted backups. Backing up data on-site on hard drives is not enough. Make sure data is also backed up at a secure off-site location so it can be easily accessed if disaster strikes.
  • Implement a fire drill of sorts, including setting up a phone tree and a fixed protocol to follow so employees know what to do in case of data loss.
  • Formulate a business continuity plan so employees know what to do if computer systems go down for a longer-than-anticipated period of time.

CMIT Solutions’ North American network keeps a pulse on the latest cybersecurity trends and stands ready to respond in case of disasters and emergencies. A trusted IT provider like CMIT Solutions can help implement proactive disaster preparedness plans for businesses. Even better, CMIT Solutions delivers peace of mind at competitive prices so SMBs can rest easy knowing they are prepared for any disaster.

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