In business, when you are passionate about your work, naturally you are motivated to exceed the expectations of your clients, peers and superiors. You are willing to go the extra mile without a second thought.

CMIT Solutions takes this to heart. From the people we hire and promote at our home office, to the franchises we award to qualified, entrepreneurially spirited individuals, passion is a trait we look for in everyone.

If you can’t get excited about facilitating the American Dream, or helping small business owners become more productive and profitable, then CMIT Solutions is not for you. But, if you’re someone with a spark that can ignite a firestorm of growth opportunities for CMIT and/or its clients, and you’re passionate about doing it, then jump on the bus…there is a seat for you.

Lisa McLeod, Author of Selling with Noble Purpose

CMIT Solutions has cultivated its culture of passion with the support of Lisa McLeod, a sales leadership expert, best selling author and motivational speaker known for creating passionate purpose driven sales organizations. In a study on performance, Lisa made a significant discovery: Salespeople driven by a sense of passion wildly outperformed those driven by quotas.

Lisa’s latest book, Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud, details just how far passion can push you in business to achieve the revenue and income one desires. Here is a link to the introductory chapter:

CMIT Solutions is proud to be associated with Lisa. She has become a mainstay at CMIT Solutions systemwide meetings and her influence can be seen and felt throughout the organization. With her guidance, we are holding ourselves accountable to ensure we remain passionate about our purpose to grow CMIT Solutions through new franchise development nationally, as well as new client acquisition and customer retention locally.

In Selling with Noble Purpose, Lisa documents the seven poignant reasons why noble purpose matters. She even offers CMIT Solutions kudos in her “7 Reasons Why Noble Purpose Matters.” Lisa interviewed Jeff Connally, president and CEO of CMIT Solutions, for the book, and his input is highlighted in number three on the list:

The excerpt with Jeff’s comments follows. It shows how committed CMIT Solutions is to living out its mission everyday, in every market we serve:


Purpose is essential in a tough economy.
Purpose is not just a feel good thing. When the economy is bottoming out, customers tend to hold onto their money. Three years ago I was hired by a national IT service provider. If you asked their people what they did, they would have told you, “We sell IT services to small businesses.”

Then we made a critical shift. Now their CEO says, “Our Noble Sales Purpose is to help small businesses be more successful.” We pulled that purpose to the front and center of everything they do, their sales training, their marketing, and the way senior leadership communicates with the field.

The result: While their competitors were floundering through the three worst years of the recession, my client’s revenues grew by 35%. Their margins went up as well. Ask anyone in their organization what they do, and they’ll tell you. “We help small business be more successful, and we’re damn good at it!