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Professional IT services are in high demand

For years, SMBs, have struggled with inadequate IT service and support. And with technology driving business productivity, profitability, and efficiency, that opportunity continues to expand. That’s why we are the only franchise company that can offer affordable IT solutions to an SMB market desperate for a higher level of service and support. Our franchise partners work with other professionals during professional hours.

Low-overhead, high-margin business

Because of our strong product development and partner management, our cost structure is much lower than an independent IT provider’s. That gives our franchisees the opportunity to be more profitable working in the CMIT system. Our revenue per franchisee is in the top quartile of the franchise industry and well above other MSPs. CMIT franchisees have P&Ls that look better than most independent businesses, which leads to a better valuation for their company.

IT experience not required

Many of our most successful franchisees come from other backgrounds, such as finance, sales, marketing, and project management and have learned the IT industry as they go. Most CMIT Solutions’ owners, including the top quartile, had no IT background prior to joining CMIT.

Help local businesses reach their potential

By offering a broad spectrum of proactive computer maintenance, monitoring, and virtual technology packages, along with quick response services when unexpected crises occur, CMIT has carved out a singular niche as an industry innovator specializing in working with the SMB community. Our franchise partners are committed to helping their clients succeed.

Corporate and peer support systems

Local franchise ownership backed by a national infrastructure means we can provide real value to our clients. And CMIT’s collaborative culture allows for the sharing of resources and knowledge across our system of more than 150 territories. In addition, our Launch Program helps you get a headstart on business success — and our Mastermind Groups provide an unprecedented level of peer-to-peer support.

Multi-unit growth options available

Many of our franchisees work together on multi-location prospect opportunities, and as our national brand grows and we award new franchises in targeted locations, we will continue to grow our system with steady increases in national accounts. Franchisees also have many opportunities to purchase multiple territories to capitalize on their success.

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As a premier IT Franchise, CMIT’s mission is simple: build a powerful network of franchise owners recruited from the upper echelons of Finance, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, and Software Development. Most CMIT Solutions owners, including the top quartile, had no IT background prior to joining CMIT. We want you to put your business expertise to work helping small and medium-sized business owners in your territory. Therefore, we look for potential franchisees who have executive, management, or business ownership experience; an appreciation for technology; basic financial, management, and relationship-building skills; leadership experience; sufficient capital and net worth; and a desire to help other businesses grow and succeed.


Our managed services business model allows clients to outsource IT management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates they can budget for and foresee. This model also offers an advantage for our franchisees, as the recurring revenues generated by our managed services allow CMIT owners to build a structured stream of income that can allow for more predictable long-term planning. These recurring revenues offer the greatest long-term financial success.

IT Franchise Owner

“My last company closed its Baltimore facility at the end of 2009, and I opted not to move to the new location. It is painful to shut down a facility with 75 people that you had worked closely with for almost 10 years. So that process really made me think about what was important to me, and I decided that taking ownership of my own future and providing a valuable service to other small businesses would be my new career direction. Operating a CMIT office affords me the ability to provide responsive, locally based IT service to my community while simultaneously having access to the resources of a nationwide organization in support of my clients.”

Tom Burtzlaff, CMIT Solutions of Columbia

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