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The IT services business is in the midst of a radical transformation. The cost of building a successful IT services business has gone up over the past several years. Joining a proven franchise like CMIT Solutions not only dramatically lowers your cost of getting started, but also greatly increases your odds for success.

We’ve been in business for over 14 years. We are, first and foremost, a technology company committed to delivering innovative solutions to the small business market segment.

We use the franchise business model because we believe there is nothing more powerful than a passionate local owner focused on supporting their customers as a trusted advisor. We currently have over 125 offices located throughout the U.S., and are expanding aggressively to increase our market coverage and build the CMIT brand.

CMIT is seeking relationships with qualified individuals who meet our standards as a cornerstone to our growth strategy.

If one or more of the benefits summarized below resonate with you, please get in touch with us to learn more about how joining CMIT Solutions can help you build a valuable business while you fulfill your dreams.

The benefits of joining CMIT


Join our network of successful entrepreneurs.

Delivering top-quality managed technology services to the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses is CMIT Solutions’ number-one priority. As a managed service provider in the top 5% of all MSPs in the US, CMIT’s large, visible presence commands clout in the industry.

We believe the benefit of growth should rest in the hands of individual business owners. Therefore, CMIT chooses to deliver its services through the franchise model, allowing business owners to be close to clients and part of their local business community.

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?

Most people spend their working lives contributing to the success of someone else’s business — and someone else’s vision. That’s fine if you’re happy punching the clock and celebrating your eventual retirement with a gold watch and a pat on the back. However, if you’ve always yearned to strike out on your own, control your own future, and build significant equity in a business that you can be proud of, you should join CMIT.

As a CMIT franchise owner, you’re in the driver’s seat. You set your own hours. You choose your own clients. You select who’s on your team. You decide how fast you want to grow, how big you want to be. In other words, you are in control.

Our business model ensures that while you’re building the business and lifestyle you want today, you’re also building equity in a valuable asset.

Our products and services are designed to generate consistent, predictable revenues and encourage long-term customer relationships. That’s good for you, and it’s great if you ever want to sell your business. Prospective buyers see a stable, low-risk investment opportunity with a proven recurring revenue stream, which increases the valuation of your business and the price the buyer is willing to pay.

Our Business Model

CMIT Solutions operates on a managed services model that offers specialized outsourced IT services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget IT expenses, saving them money in the long run.

CMIT Solutions offers these services through a nationwide system of franchise units run by passionate and skilled local entrepreneurs. Local businesses simply do a better job of serving and building trust with our clients – local small business owners like to do business with other local small businesses. We want our franchisees to be not just IT service providers but trusted advisors to all our clients.

CMIT Solutions offers our clients managed services packages that range from monitoring servers and software 24/7 to fixing problems when they do occur, securely storing data off site, Help Desk support, telecommunications and voice services, managed print, and cloud computing, just to name a few. We provide our owners with their own webpages, a network of knowledgeable partners, and powerful and flexible tools. Our owners and headquarters staff have strong relationships with worldwide technology companies such as Dell and Microsoft and access to a team of skilled IT engineers at any time of day or night.

CMIT Solutions has unlocked a huge market with few competitors. It’s the only franchise company that has figured out how to affordably offer small businesses the kind of IT service and support large ones enjoy.

The strength of CMIT Solutions gives independent IT services providers opportunity to increase long-term value of business.

No matter the industry, running a business solo can be both rewarding and challenging. Hard work, sacrifice, and patience often pay off. However, market forces, barriers to entry, and budget constraints can limit the potential of sole proprietors.

Franchising is one way for independents on their own to overcome some of the obstacles they face. Franchising is often characterized by the statement, “You’re in business for yourself, just not by yourself.”

In no other industry is this more relevant than in the small and medium-sized business IT services field. Individuals running IT services businesses on their own face a mountain of challenges. These include:

  • Higher costs for products and services needed to run their business
  • Smaller sales margins
  • Modest marketing
  • Shrinking market share due to large technology companies and big-box chains marketing to the small business community

CMIT Solutions has a course of action for entrepreneurs that can help alleviate what may seem to be insurmountable challenges.

Becoming part of the CMIT Solutions system provides countless competitive advantages. With more than 150 offices nationwide, CMIT Solutions owners can leverage the knowledge, expertise, and experience that others have developed to better serve their clients.

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