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Our franchisees can build a valuable asset with the potential for rising revenues while avoiding many of the “start from scratch” costs and risks that independent business owners must incur.

“I was attracted to CMIT Solutions’ innovative business model, comprehensive back-end training and support system, and an expansive franchise network. CMIT gives me added confidence to know that I have 150-plus partners rather than 150-plus competitors.”
Armando D’Accordo, CMIT Solutions of South Nassau NY
I ran a one-man break/fix shop for 12 years, and it was not an easy way to make a living — or the best way to take care of my clients. But 24/7 monitoring is so much more powerful. My team always has insight on what’s going on with my clients’ systems. You have to believe in what you sell, and I truly believe managed services represent the best way to do IT. CMIT Solutions does a phenomenal job of putting together all the tools and resources that I need to do my job. I can’t think of any other franchise that I would rather work with.
Nick LaRosa, CMIT Solutions of St. Louis Southwest
Ownership of an IT business is much more of an endgame with long-term commitment than just a stop on the career ladder. It’s not just a job, it’s a life. The nature of the business is long term. I’ve heard from several female clients, ‘Finally, there’s a woman who can explain technology to me. [Female franchisees] are able to bring a special angle to all of it.
Linda Kuppersmith, CMIT Solutions of Stamford
CMIT Solutions allowed me to hit the ground running. They had all the core technologies ready for us and pre-negotiated for the best price point for the entire CMIT system. It was clear early on that CMIT Solutions had my best interest at heart and went above and beyond to walk me through all the core functions needed to start selling and building my technology team.
Marwan Al Halabi, CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale