If there’s one thing that impedes the growth of IT businesses, it’s client budget limitations. But 2014 might see some changes — in fact, Morgan Stanley predicts that businesses in the U.S. and Europe will spend 4.5% more on IT products and services this year than in 2013 as they focus their budget priorities on high-visibility issues like cloud computing, ERP, and analytics software.

In their survey of 150 CIOs at mid-market and large companies across Europe and the U.S. with annual revenue between $500 million and $20 billion, executives said that projects like cloud computing and data analysis will see the most spending, while data warehouses, ERP implementations, and business intelligence tools will also make up a healthy portion of spending.

So what does this mean for the small-business IT community?

With big business’ eyes on these issues, small businesses aren’t far behind. In fact, CMIT Solutions’ franchise partners are taking on clients with a noticeable focus on these projects, as well. With countless high-profile data breaches affecting millions of Americans, cloud computing and data security are more important than ever. Plus, technology literacy is more widespread, meaning small business owners value the importance of implementing top-notch technology solutions.

CMIT Solutions understands that top-of-the-line technology and data security are two of the most important concerns for clients. If you’re interested in serving this rapidly growing marketplace with the services that they need, get ahead of the curve with your very own CMIT franchise.