Military Fit for Franchising

Every November the country pays tribute to our nation’s veterans on Veterans Day. This year CMIT Solutions engaged more visibly on Veterans Day in our hometown of Austin, Texas. We joined franchise industry leaders from the region, state and nation on the steps of the State Capitol building to raise awareness about the high unemployment issues our veterans face, and to discuss what we are doing with other franchise companies to support veterans and their careers. Our CEO Jeff Connally spoke during the event, talking to those on hand about the responsibility CMIT Solution has to give back to those who have sacrificed for our nation with jobs and business ownership opportunities.

Fortunately, there are job opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors that veterans can get into that line up perfectly with the skill sets they learned while serving our country.
Our servicemen and women appreciate one thing better than anyone else – dedication to the task at hand. Veterans recognize that victory requires them to master their craft, continually improve their performance, be part of a team, lead when it is asked of them and to constantly follow the rules. By the time our sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines become veterans, they know how to follow a proven system. As it turns out, veterans possess many of qualities required to be strong franchise business owners. Their ability to adhere to a game plan and execute equals a victory for a proven franchise system.

CMIT Solutions is proud to be a part of the Internation Franchise Association’s (IFA) VetFran program, which helps returning service members access franchise opportunities through training, financial assistance, and industry support. After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, IFA re-launched its campaign to assist U.S. veterans at that difficult time. Now, IFA’s VetFran program helps returning service members access franchise opportunities through training, financial assistance, and industry support.

CMIT Solutions military veterans program includes a 20% discount on the franchise fee, comprehensive training and launch assistance, 6 months of business coaching, and a managed marketing program for the first year. In addition they become a part of our National team of industry leaders gaining benefit from the collaborative environment of CMIT. Our partner program provides discounts, guaranteed service levels and dedicated support from a wide range of best in breed solutions and products.

Transitioning military men and women exiting the armed forces face an unemployment rate more than three times the national average. It’s no secret that many veterans who served and protected the United States are struggling to adapt to the working world after military life.
A new report from the IFA shows more than 64,000 veterans, military spouses and wounded warriors have started careers in franchising, including 4,314 who have become veteran business owners, since 2011 through Operation Enduring Opportunity, a campaign of the IFA’s VetFran Strategic Initiative.

Franchising is a match for veterans. Successful franchises run on proven and structured systems, and members of the military are used to executing systems, following procedures and striving for operational excellence, which leads to victory in franchising. Veterans are qualified and satisfied franchise owners.