As the small to medium-sized business (SMB) sector thrives nationwide, IT staffing continues to play an increasingly important role in this trend. A Techaisle report has reported an increase in businesses with a full-time IT staff — almost tripling where midmarket business numbers were just five years ago.

Because the demand for high-quality preventative and affordable IT for SMBs has also grown, companies such as CMIT Solutions have been afforded the opportunity to expand into previously untapped markets and regions that have a very real need.

The individuals opening CMIT Solutions offices in new areas come from a diverse set of career and life backgrounds, but all are passionate about providing top technology to their clients. Anything less than complete speed and efficiency is unacceptable.

Meet Gerry Loccisano, the president of CMIT Solutions of Mid-Suffolk in New York. His career spans more than 30 years in technology, beginning as a software developer for local Long Island electronics companies. More recently, Gerry was working in financial services as the CIO for several large companies. With a background like this, Gerry is totally equipped and prepared to bring professionalism to his new venture — and CMIT Solutions is lucky to have him.

“[CMIT Solutions distinguishes itself from the competition because] a lot of my competitors in the area are break-fix organizations,” Loccisano says in a recent Long Island Business News interview. “We’re more proactive. We look to do monitoring management of computers 24/7 to prevent problems from occurring. That differentiates us and our customers. More and more companies cannot operate without their computers. That’s the kind of customer we want — people who value their data. CMIT provided me a great pool of people at my disposal, from technicians to engineers to architects, to help me build my business.”

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As CMIT Solutions grows, we are attracting top talent like Gerry, who is passionate about improving his community’s small and medium-size businesses with the best technology resources out there.

CMIT has the “complete solution” — assessing the technology needs of every SMB we work with to find the fastest, safest, most cutting-edge solutions in the business at a price SMBs can expect. Our specialized suite of services combines intimate local service and proactive IT solutions that make technology work for SMBs, not against it.