CMIT Solutions’ franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, both in their careers and in their personal lives. One thing unites them, though: they’re passionate about transforming their experiences into a profitable business opportunity using CMIT’s proven system.

Maitjian and Todd Welke are a prime example of this. Married for 20 years, the duo invested in a CMIT Solutions business in 2009. They’re enamored with each other, and with the business — in fact, Maitjian has been named to CRN’s Women of the Channel for three years in a row.

The entrepreneurial duo is just one of the many CMIT Solutions franchisees who choose to go into business with a spouse or family member. Prior to joining CMIT Solutions in the heart of Silicon Valley, Maitjian held high-ranking positions in technology and software engineering. Todd has a background in software engineering and has done consulting work in the field. The couple’s expansive knowledge and continual education in technology has served their customers well, as they’re up to date on the wants and needs of other small businesses in their area.

Maitjan and Todd’s goal is to work side by side with their SMB clients to incorporate preventative IT measures in their companies, in turn helping them grow and be profitable. CMIT’s ongoing training programs supplement this goal, bringing a level of professionalism and education to the field that is rarely found.

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