shutterstock_107929916Good news for IT staffing at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – the sector is alive and well and experiencing exceptional growth. According to a recent Techaisle report, the percentage of businesses with a full-time IT staff has increased for businesses with 50-999 employees. The average number of IT staff has also tripled for mid-market businesses since 2010.

These numbers can be attributed to one commonality: businesses everywhere, regardless of their size or number of employees, are all but required to have top technology available to clients and employees. Anything less than complete efficiency is a death wish across the board — with the speed and affordability on the market, there’s no excuse for anything less.

In fact, according to the Techaisle report, nearly 75% of businesses with 1-9 employees and almost 100% of those with 50-999 employees consider technology to be “somewhat” or “very important” to their business success, and this importance is only getting more critical. 26-47% of SMB respondents answered that their companies were more dependent on technology today than they were a year ago.

That technology looks different for specific concepts. At CMIT Solutions, we’ve noticed a definite trend of small businesses looking to draft and enforce a mobile device acceptable use policy as well as ensure data security across all BYOD and internal devices. And most businesses are not equipped to handle these complex and often time-consuming IT issues on their own — that’s where CMIT Solutions comes in.

We’ve got the “complete solution,” assessing the technology needs of every business we work with to find the fastest, safest, most cutting-edge solutions in the business at a price SMBs can expect. Our specialized suite of services combines intimate local service and proactive IT solutions that make technology work for SMBs, not against it.