Hopefully we’ve provided a wealth of information about CMIT Solutions and franchising in general. But when you learn about our IT franchise, there’s no better way to learn about it than to hear from our current franchises, all of whom have embarked on the same entrepreneurial journey as you’re considering. At CMIT Solutions, we value the voices of our franchisees, and our culture encourages the sharing of ideas and opinions that help raise everyone up to a level of success.


“I was attracted to CMIT Solutions’ innovative business model, comprehensive back-end training and support system, and expansive franchise network. CMIT gives me added confidence to know that I have 150-plus partners rather than 150-plus competitors.”

– Armando D’Accordo, CMIT Solutions of South Nassau NY


“I ran a one-man break/fix shop for 12 years, and it was not an easy way to make a living — or the best way to take care of my clients. But 24/7 monitoring is so much more powerful. My team always has insight on what’s going on with my clients’ systems. You have to believe in what you sell, and I truly believe managed services represent the best way to do IT. CMIT Solutions does a phenomenal job of putting together all the tools and resources that I need to do my job. I can’t think of any other franchise that I would rather work with.”

– Nick LaRosa, CMIT Solutions of St. Louis Southwest


“Ownership of an IT business is much more of an endgame with long-term commitment than just a stop on the career ladder. It’s not just a job, it’s a life. The nature of the business is long term. I’ve heard from several female clients, ‘Finally, there’s a woman who can explain technology to me. [Female franchisees] are able to bring a special angle to all of it.”

– Linda Kuppersmith, CMIT Solutions of Stamford


“My last company closed its Baltimore facility at the end of 2009, and I opted not to move to the new location. It is painful to shut down a facility with 75 people that you had worked closely with for almost 10 years. So that process really made me think about what was important to me, and I decided that taking ownership of my own future and providing a valuable service to other small businesses would be my new career direction. Operating a CMIT office affords me the ability to provide responsive, locally based IT service to my community while simultaneously having access to the resources of a nationwide organization in support of my clients. I am working harder than I ever have, and I am loving it because I am building something that belongs to me. It’s not just a paycheck, but an asset.”

– Tom Burtzlaff, CMIT Solutions of Columbia


“I was struggling to get over a certain hurdle, and it seemed like the CMIT main office would help me get over it. I had worked at a couple of different corporate jobs, and one of the things really holding me back was that I missed having colleagues. Everyone I dealt with either worked for me or was a client. I needed a system that could provide me with that support. One of the things that impressed me about CMIT was the culture, which seems to run throughout the owners, of collaboration and teamwork. I’d looked at a couple of other opportunities, neither of which had that kind of culture. The CMIT home office uses the concept of mastermind groups, such as the Pacesetters, who are free to get together and function however they want. It became very clear to me that the people participating in these groups were committed to putting time, energy and money into developing their businesses, and that impressed me. I was very impressed with the discovery process. I got to speak with other CMIT owners and learned that the northeastern owners get together once a quarter, and they invited me to one of their meetings. They gave me a very open, honest view of what CMIT was about. I heard about owners helping each other by sharing sales leads, technicians. That’s not something you find with every franchise system.”

– Evan Stein, CMIT Solutions of Wall Street and Grand Central


“CMIT Solutions allowed me to hit the ground running. They had all the core technologies ready for us and pre-negotiated for the best price point for the entire CMIT system. It was clear early on that CMIT Solutions had my best interest at heart and went above and beyond to walk me through all the core functions needed to start selling and building my technology team.”

– Marwan Al Halabi, CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale


“CMIT has a strong nationwide presence and a diversified pool of skilled IT personnel, which has helped us build a robust support model for our clients. This support model is one of our greatest strengths and a key differentiator from other local IT service providers.”

–Avi Davidovich, CMIT Solutions of Central Fairfield County


“CMIT’s collaborative culture is outstanding. By leveraging resources from the Home Office, my Mastermind Group, and other CMIT technicians, I can offer a level of support and expertise to my customers that other similar sized businesses cannot. The product discounts and partnerships that are available to me as a franchisee enable me to be more profitable than I could possibly be as a single entity. In addition, having CMIT establish the partner relationships enables me to focus on growing my business and servicing my customers.”

– Amy Justis, CMIT Solutions of Charleston


“Our collaborative culture helps me address my customer’s business needs locally and in other states. The recurring revenue model allows me to grow my business and provide my clients with peace of mind that CMIT will be there to assist them.”

– Cecil Cates, CMIT Solutions of Northern Union County


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