Stand Up for ProductivityAnxiety, panic and frustration: the feelings that you have grown all too familiar with when technology fails. It’s a helpless sensation and one that hampers productivity beyond our imagination. Fact is, we’ve become incredibly reliant on technology.

As owners of small and mid-sized business (SMBs), our computers, smart phones, tablets, servers, and networks are the lifeblood of our businesses. We go as our technology goes. Productivity flourishes or freezes with our information technology (IT) systems.

This dependency has given good cause to start a rallying cry — an effort to empathize with SMB owners and encourage them to take action. We ask that they join us to “Stand Up for Productivity.”

We just launched Stand Up for Productivity as an 18-month promotional productivity revolution that aims to cause a backlash against ineffective IT solutions. Everyday, CMIT Solutions meets with clients seeking our services, and we see the pain on the faces of business owners and management when productivity inhibitors take over. We feel their struggles, and now we’re asking that we all come together to say “enough is enough.”

Rather than dealing with this any longer, let’s join as a single voice to ease the pressure points that put stress on productivity and profits.

We can be proactive together to prevent downtime. And, we can all work together to put a plan in place to remain productive when the unexpected happens, or disaster strikes.

You are not alone.

CMIT Solutions has a collection of affordable IT service packages to help you and your employees steer clear of catastrophe.

  • CMIT Marathon – A collection of proactive (managed) IT services offered at a flat-rate and designed to keep businesses running with round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring to prevent problems before they turn into downtime
  • CMIT Guardian – This suite of reliable services include automating data backups and archiving, while also designing a rock-solid plan of action for recovery in the event of an unexpected disaster
  • CMIT Anywhere – Safe and secure cloud computing that offers access to data and business applications anytime, anywhere
  • CMIT Anti-Spam – Eliminates spam and increases productivity by protecting against viruses and phishing exploits that haunt networks

Combine these programs with our team of experts – 140 offices nationwide…our collection of technology partners… Microsoft, Intuit, Dell…our approach with clients–and we’re perfectly positioned to lead this productivity revolution. We’re taking ownership of productivity and we encourage you to join us.

Don’t accept downtime. Stand Up for Productivity.