shutterstock_537745321Leaner and meaner than ever before, today’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have embraced a patchwork of devices, systems, and structures to increase efficiency. While the introduction of a more advanced technological infrastructure has been largely positive, many of these SMBs are not properly equipped to manage such systems alone. These businesses are screaming for structure — processes put in place to manage technology and ensure security for all parties.

CMIT’s “complete solution” services bridge this divide for SMB owners, providing peace of mind with affordable, effective IT solutions and support.

On average, half of all businesses suffer from daily IT issues, and 80 percent of tech-related problems repeat themselves after the initial incident. What’s more, 75 percent of businesses say that the frequency of their IT failures is increasing or staying the same. This is a problem — but CMIT is here to help.

Our services are distinct: proactive IT maintenance, preventative 24/7 support, remote backup and disaster recovery, layered network security, and more. Our team of IT professionals in more than 150 North American markets serve as trusted partners who actively monitor the computers, servers, mobile devices, and critical components of our SMB clients, resolving problems before they turn into detrimental issues. Our productivity is our clients’ success — that’s our bottom line.

Keeping that goal in sight allows us to better anticipate, meet, and exceed the needs of our clients. CMIT’s approach to small and medium-sized businesses is evolving to consider the number of devices used by each employee, not just the number of computers or servers in an office. Our specialized suite of services combines intimate local service and proactive IT solutions that make technology work for your business, not against it.