A growing Information Technology support company plans to open up to four locations in the Omaha area

CMIT Solutions has about 135 offices in more than 30 states but none yet in Nebraska, said Jeff Connally, president and chief executive officer.

Connally is offering franchise rights for four “territories” in the Omaha area. Potential owners could be existing IT providers that want to rebrand and become part of CMIT, or someone looking to leave a corporate IT job and own their own shop. Each office typically employs about eight people. Owners are expected to meet regularly with clients and help them meet their business goals, not just patch up hardware problems.

CMIT, based in Austin, Texas, focuses on small and mid-sized companies, those with fewer than 100 employees. Current clients are in industries including accounting, legal, engineering, architecture and manufacturing.

“We’ve taken a lot of enterprise-class technology and made it affordable and available to small business,” Connally said. He said outsourcing IT lets small business owners be more efficient. CMIT offers a help desk and will remotely monitor hard drives for potential problems.

“If you look at all the different types of technology that small businesses are using, it’s very difficult for one individual to have all the expertise needed for all of those devices,” Connally said. “There’s a high level of frustration with technology.”

Connally said there is room in the market for another competitor, with many small businesses not yet using an outside provider to manage IT needs.

“There are some strong players in your market and we welcome the opportunity to compete with them to drive increased levels of service at a competitive price,” he said.