Today’s cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated — in fact, for the average web user, it’s difficult to differentiate real links from fake ones. This is especially aggravating when hackers prey on vulnerabilities in reputable and established web browsers such as Internet Explorer to compromise data files and steal valuable information.

A recent Microsoft security patch for Internet Explorer drives home this point: businesses of all sizes need to stay alert to changing cybersecurity threats. Negligence can be expensive, as recent high-profile data breaches have demonstrated. Phishing scams and malware can cause serious lost revenue in terms of downtime and data leaks.

The most recent Internet Explorer security threat is classified as a “zero-day” vulnerability, which means it can be exploited by hackers before a parent company like Microsoft can identify and rectify the problem.

Microsoft has delivered patches to address these security challenges, but evaluating and applying these upgrades across a suite of computers and servers is intimidating. A bigger problem? Cybersecurity has increasingly become an accelerated game of cat-and-mouse, with hacks and patches implemented and compromised in short order. Without a dedicated IT team, it’s hard for small businesses to keep up.

That’s where CMIT Solutions comes in. We keep a finger on the pulse of ever-changing cybersecurity threats, honing our expertise with solutions like firewalls and multi-layered security. CMIT Solutions understands that small and medium-sized businesses need all the help they can get — sometimes as much as big companies — but that they might not always have the staff or resources to implement such strategies. CMIT Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of IT protection that can build strong levels of defense around business data and devices, greatly enhancing the security of online identities.

Equally important, CMIT Solutions is available 24/7 to implement software patches and security updates as needed. The latest Internet Explorer vulnerability demonstrates the need for diligent monitoring of software and hardware. With CMIT Solutions, small and medium-sized businesses can rest assured that their IT needs are met at an affordable price. This frees up businesses to focus on growing revenue and providing exceptional customer service, instead of constantly worrying about the next cyberthreat around the corner.

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