shutterstock_540165028CMIT Solutions has established a name for itself as the authority on affordable IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), often appearing in different media as experts and thought leaders on the IT news of the day. But CMIT Solutions franchise partners’ first priority remains the safety and security of its small and medium business clients across the communities it serves.

More relevant than ever, data security continues to be brought to the forefront of consumers’ attentions, with data breaches in the spotlight almost every week and ransomware attacks leaving vulnerable information open to hackers.

In March, the United States and Canada issued an unusual joint alert, warning businesses of ransomware after analysis showed that Americans paid nearly $325 million in 2015 in untraceable, open-source currency to cybercriminals.

Basic security protocols will keep you protected, but only up to a point — and ransomware architects are constantly working to sneak their handiwork past any and all systems working to stop it. But with stronger defenses like proactive monitoring, Internet traffic analysis, and content filtering, preventing ransomware while keeping your data safe and accessible is possible.

But ransomware and data security can be tricky for busy SMB owners to navigate. CMIT Solutions bridges this divide for SMB owners, providing peace of mind along with affordable, effective IT solutions, and support.

CMIT Solutions has a name for this: the “complete solution.” This collection of services includes commercial-grade file sync and share, fully encrypted data in transit, fully secured mobile devices, a comprehensive mobile device acceptable use policy, systematized mobile device acceptable use policy enforcement, comprehensive level 10 password management, and prompt employee provisioning and de-provisioning, all wrapped within a knowledgeable, responsive support desk that has a complete understanding of all elements of this managed ecosystem.