Flu season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we should stop focusing on our health – or the health of our hospitals’ IT infrastructures. In fact, the fast-paced health care industry has become a popular target for cyberattacks, and operational disruptions or loss of personal information can be detrimental to patient safety.

Ransomware, phishing emails, and data breaches continue to plague the health care industry. A report by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred daily across different industries in 2016—a 300% increase since 2015. Another report stated that the health care industry was among the top three global sectors most affected by ransomware.

Recent cyberattacks on hospitals and small practices serve to underscore the relationship between IT and patient outcomes. It’s very important for those in the health care industry to protect their businesses and meet the following compliance requirements:

  • Privacy and Security Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Projects
  • Multi-layered HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity framework
  • Proactive HIPAA-compliant IT services
  • Consulting for any of your business associates to protect your business

At CMIT Solutions, 24% of our clients are in the health care industry. We support both covered entities and business associates and understand the deep responsibility of providing HIPAA-compliant IT services. In fact, we released our own HIPAA compliance program in September 2013.

Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on patient outcomes and growing your business. Whatever your IT support needs may be, we’ve got you covered. Contact your closest CMIT Solutions location for your data protection and IT solutions needs.