Nonprofit organizations are rooted in the communities they serve, providing an essential link between them and the larger mission they’re committed to fulfilling. During the Thanksgiving and holiday season, it’s especially useful to take a look at nonprofits, which can face challenges on multiple fronts.

A study in The Nonprofit Times found that only close to a quarter of survey respondents in the nonprofit field place a priority on technology improvement as a way of reaching goals. That’s understandable, especially given the host of pressing needs vying for nonprofits’ immediate attention. The irony is that technology can actually give nonprofit ventures a competitive edge. Executives at nonprofits can use technology to simplify financial reporting, sustainability planning, and measurements of other key performance indicators.

Given the increasing demands on time and pressures on monetary resources, nonprofits need IT solutions that can deliver under both constraints. Today’s donors demand a nimble, mobile solution from all entities they interact with, including nonprofits. However, organizations that are looking to decrease overheads might not want to invest heavily in technology departments whose immediate impact might not be directly visible to donors. It may be well worth it to outsource the technology heavy lifting to experienced vendors who understand the unique needs of nonprofits.

Nonprofit organizations need technology vendors who can push out fundraising campaigns on multiple platforms. The tech vendor needs to keep sponsor, donor, and volunteer data secure and free from cyberattacks. Finding an IT solutions provider who can understand their technology needs will help nonprofits focus on their community-oriented missions while still accessing the best in technology.

Only 11% of nonprofits view their technology approach as effective. This means there’s plenty of room for organizations to partner with an able IT solutions provider like CMIT Solutions and leverage technology to accelerate their fundraising and growth potential while keeping data safe.

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