You can’t rely on luck when it comes to data protection. Celebrated on March 31, World Backup Day reminds consumers and businesses to protect their data and the information that powers our day-to-day activities.

Although hackers and cybercriminals have become savvier about stealing data, natural disasters and user errors can also cause significant data loss. If you store important documents, precious memories, or anything in between on your devices, backing up that data is the simplest way to ensure that you will not lose it in the case of a malicious attack or user error.

To celebrate World Backup Day, businesses and residents should take steps to keep their files stored in a secondary location. A few options are:

An external hard drive

Found at local tech stores, external hard drives are easily accessible. Just make sure that the hard drive has enough space to hold all the data!

An online storage

Online storage options such as iCloud and Dropbox are great sources to backup data, and they can be very beneficial for individuals looking for a quick solution.

At CMIT Solutions, we believe every client’s data deserves to be backed up in a regular, remote, and redundant manner, with multiple copies of that data stored in different locations. Our team of specialists implements the right mix of hardware and software solutions to build the data protection and recovery plan that works for you. Once everything is in place, CMIT Solutions manages your data and your backups with the kind of careful consideration every company deserves.

World Backup Day is the perfect reminder to store data in a secondary location, whether it’s online or on an external hard drive. For businesses with multiple devices and many users, professionally managed data backup is the key to protection. Working with professional IT service providers like CMIT Solutions can help you put proper backup measures in place and avoid the timely and costly recovery efforts of data loss.

Whether you’re looking for an IT provider to help with data protection today or a trusted advisor to help with long-term planning, CMIT Solutions is here for you. Contact your closest CMIT Solutions location for your data protection and IT support needs.