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Want to know more about CMIT Solutions? Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the company and the opportunities we offer to those with entrepreneurial dreams. If you’d like to know, contact us today — there’s no better time than right now to pursue your business goals, and we are here to help you succeed.

What is CMIT Solutions?

CMIT Solutions (Completely Managed Information Technology) manages IT systems for small businesses, which increasingly depend on reliable technology to survive. We provide access to trusted local business partners who offer solutions that improve clients’ profitability and efficiency through the use of technology.

What is a MSP (Managed Service Provider)?

The definition from the MSP Alliance, the world’s largest professional association and accrediting body for the managed services industry:

“Managed Services is the proactive management of an asset or object, by a third party typically known as an MSP, on behalf of a customer. The operative distinction that sets apart an MSP is the proactive delivery of their service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades.”

What are the minimum qualifications to become a CMIT franchisee?

CMIT Solutions is a consulting and service business, and as such we are looking for people with business experience who are familiar with the need for technology in running a successful business. Some college is preferred, as are outgoing personalities and a desire to help other small businesses in their community be successful. We are looking for professional, personable people that would do an excellent job of representing the CMIT brand and their CMIT business to other local businesses.

On a financial level, a potential CMIT Solutions franchisee must have a net worth of at least $350,000 and be (or be able to become) liquid for a minimum of $124,000. If a prospective franchisee meets these qualifications, along with having a good credit score and history, CMIT Solutions can offer assistance for our franchisees to secure a number of different types of financing, including being listed on the SBA registry.

What are the start-up costs?

The CMIT Solutions investment is made up of three primary components:

The franchise fee, which covers all of the initial assistance for opening along with the training, education, franchise support, and rights to use the brand over the 10-year term of the franchise agreement. The franchise fee is $49,950.

  • The Territory fee is $11.00 for each SMB in excess of 3,000 SMBs within the Territory. For example, in a Territory containing 3,501 SMBs the Territory Fee would be $5,511 ($11.00 multiplied by 501). This amount is dependent on the size of the territory over the minimum 3,000 businesses.
  • Start-up and working capital, which include two key elements of building and running your CMIT Business: Marketing and Technical Resources.
  • As you start your franchise business with CMIT, you will likely elect as most of our franchisees do to start in an office based in your home. Since you will not need to incur the expense of a retail lease or build-out, there are a couple of items that will make up the majority of your start- up costs.

You will need a technical resource — generally a local technician who will assist you with the assessment of a prospect’s business improvement opportunities through the use of technology. Depending on whether you hire a part-time person to get started, or a full-time technician or engineer out of the gate, this will run between $20,000 (part-time), and $50,000 (for full time). This could be higher in some major metropolitan areas.

You will need to market your business locally and this will require an investment of $26,000 during your first year. We estimate your initial investment to be between $126,300 and $174,439. A detailed description of your startup costs are available in Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document.

How do I decide if I want to become a CMIT Solutions franchisee?

Choosing to enter a business relationship is a big decision for both of us. Your objective is to determine if a company’s business model, culture, strategy, offerings, and income potential are a good fit for what you are looking for in the next stage of your career. At the same time that you are learning about CMIT, we too must determine if we believe you would be successful in our business model. To streamline and systematize the process, CMIT has developed a step-by-step method for gathering information about you and your business interests, while disseminating the information about us that you require to complete your due diligence. Simply stated, this is a mutual decision and requires a back and forth sharing of information in an organized and thoughtful manner.

How can I start doing research on my own?

Should you want to learn more, simply view the virtual brochure and complete the form to get a login and password to your customized dashboard. There you will find papers and articles that are available to download for your review. You will also notice that each step of the research and discovery process is listed and shaded in grey. At the end of the brochure, you may elect to complete our Request for Consideration, which will unlock your access to further steps of the process. Remember, at no time in the process are either of us obligated to continue.

How can I get a copy of CMIT Solutions’ Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

In order to receive a copy of CMIT Solutions’ Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), please complete the online franchise application form. Once we have reviewed your completed form, we will contact you and unlock your personal franchise discovery process dashboard, which includes white papers, recorded webinars, live conference call schedules, CMIT Solutions’ FDD, and much more information about the franchise award process.

I’m a veteran – do you offer any incentives?

CMIT Solutions is a member of the VetFran program, which was founded by the International Franchise Association.  To support veterans who are interested in small business ownership, we offer a 20% discount off the initial fee to buy a single unit, and a 10% discount to become an Area Developer. We embrace the opportunity to help a returning veteran who helped keep us safe during troubled times.

What are the monthly royalty fees?

CMIT Solutions’ royalty, which covers the ongoing service and support of our Franchisees, is 6% of the gross professional services sales of the business. Hardware and software sales are excluded from royalty.

CMIT is looking for people who want to build a business that grows larger year after year, and to encourage franchise partners to continue to build, our royalty percentage declines from 6% to 0 each year as benchmarks are achieved.

The royalty allows us to provide the Franchisee access to the CMIT Gold standard partner programs, which offer significant discounts, commissions benefits and advantages and CMIT Solutions world class systems, service and support. The national marketing development fund contribution is 2%, which develops all campaign and content generation, websites and development, graphic design, Ads, SEO, trade show kits, quarterly newsletters, weekly QuickTip content, design and deployment, cooperative activities and other system-wide advertising and marketing initiatives.

What is the availability in my area for Territory, Multi-unit Operators or Area Developers?

After completing our online franchise application form, a member of our franchise development team will contact you and give you specifics about territory availability in your area. Once you have been accepted into our franchise discovery process, your preferences as to area will be discussed during your initial interview with one of our Franchise Development Managers.

How does CMIT Solutions determine territory size?

Territories are made up of contiguous postal zip codes including only those businesses that fit into the target market size of 5-99 employees. Minimally, a territory must contain 3,000 of these entities, and can range up to 3,999 depending on the initial investment you are willing to make. Our business focuses on long-term recurring revenue relationships with these small businesses, so a much smaller client base is required than a transactional business. Our experience has shown that with a universe of 3,000, there is ample opportunity to build a thriving business. To learn more, complete our online franchise application form.

How much money can I make as a CMIT Solutions franchisee?

The financial return you will realize as an owner of any small business will depend on many factors, including but not limited to how well you perform and follow the franchise system; local economics and costs; competition; and how aggressively you market yourself and your business. CMIT provides financial performance representations from our franchisees and a business performance worksheet that will give you the data needed to build your projections.

Do I need a location? Is CMIT Solutions a home-based business?

You can start your CMIT Solutions franchise right from your home office. This is a great way to get into business as it allows for virtually no overhead and also allows for additional tax benefits. As you grow, you may choose to move your business into an office location.

Does CMIT Solutions help with financing?

CMIT Solutions offers complete support associated with various methods of financing, including third-party lenders, 401K programs, and SBA programs. CMIT Solutions is also listed on the SBA’s Franchise Registry to make the process of SBA financing a smoother transaction. In addition, we can connect you with various leasing options.

How about the competition? How will I compete as a CMIT Solutions franchisee?

There is a competitive market for CMIT Solutions’ products and services because the market is huge and it’s the right time. There are over 11 million small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, and for many of them, great IT support is the only thing they need to realize their full potential. Gartner estimates the small to medium-sized business market spends more than $400 billion annually in the US on technology services, hardware, and telecommunications.

The largest “competitor” is the internal person who knows a little bit more than the rest of the staff about computers and takes time away from their core position to try to help — or the independent, reactive, break-fix computer guy

CMIT’s Managed Services model, which provides a full outsourced IT solution, is the only firm of this type competing on a national scope. We are trusted advisors who focus on business results and use technology as a tool to deliver those results. The business model is proven. The market is sound. Our professional business owners utilize CMIT’s marketing systems and our standardized assessment tool to show prospective clients the return on investment and cost savings of a planned technology approach vs. the more reactive break-fix model.

Will I need employees? If so, how many?

Yes. Initially an owner-operator of a franchise will typically have one (1), possibly two (2) part-time or full-time staff members to help with the serving your customers. As the business grows, and you build a customer base, more employees and staff will be needed.

What are the hours of operation?

CMIT Solutions franchise owners enjoy getting to schedule their own appointments. And because our customers are small to medium-sized businesses, the typical appointment times are set Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Does CMIT have national agreements with companies like Microsoft™ and Dell™?

Yes. CMIT Solutions has long-term relationships and agreements with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Dell. These relationships provide various benefits, including the payment of commissions to the CMIT owners, thus providing additional revenue to our franchisees. All vendor and partner agreements are negotiated on behalf of our more than 135 offices nationwide, leveraging our size and stature with these industry leaders.

What about marketing? How does CMIT Solutions headquarters help?

CMIT Solutions marketing support programs include:

  • Weekly QuickTip newsletter that is sent out electronically on behalf of each and every CMIT Solutions franchisee. Content is researched, written, and edited by CMIT’s marketing team and arrives to the client with the local franchisee’s URL, phone number, and email.
  • Quarterly multi-touch marketing campaigns
  • Quarterly industry-specific, four-color, high-quality print newsletters
  • Video, audio, and other media campaigns
  • Sales, marketing, and business intelligence tools
  • Tradeshow kits, referral programs, community programs, etc.

You will learn more about our targeted 37-point marketing system and our state of the art sales and marketing foundation during a webinar in the discovery process.

What type of training does CMIT Solutions provide?

We have a comprehensive training and launch system program. Our pre-training preparation and checklist is designed to prepare both of us to begin the launch of your business. This is followed by two full weeks of on-site training at our Austin headquarters/training facility. With pre-work completed, on-site training allows our leadership team and subject matter experts to teach in a workshop-based environment that focuses on how to apply basic skills to real-world situations.

After graduation, franchisees participate in our specialized launch coaching program, which covers everything necessary to open a new CMIT franchise in a step-by-step manner. Your launch team and business coach will communicate regularly to assure that we hit the ground running together.

After completing launch, the true relationship with the CMIT family is only beginning. Ongoing coaching and support comes from business experts within the home office as well as the nationwide network of CMIT franchisees. Mastermind groups provide peer-to-peer feedback with brainstorming sessions, mentors, annual business limelight reviews, collaboration, and feedback. Our franchise management teams conduct regular “success checks” of each franchise business operation, reviewing the results to plan and create an agreed-upon road map — and support you in the execution of it.

How long does it take to get a CMIT franchise open?

Once your franchise agreement is signed, the typical time needed to get a franchise open is approximately 60 days. To get started, complete the online franchise application form

Can I be an absentee owner of a CMIT Solutions franchise?

CMIT Solutions grants franchises to individuals that are planning on being involved initially as a full-time business owner. Long term, full-time ownership and operation of the franchise is not required; however, initially it is critical because CMIT Solutions is a local business and it is up to the individual franchise owner to become actively involved in the community to promote the services and products offered.

What makes CMIT Solutions different from other IT consulting or computer service businesses?

CMIT Solutions takes the hassle out of computers, networks and technology. Our solutions and IT consulting help our customers save money and make money. Just a few points that favor CMIT are:

The right time. Unlike other businesses that can go through cycles of downturn, the IT services sector continues to grow, and our franchisees provide a quick, mobile solution to businesses when they need it most.

The right franchise opportunity. There are over 11 million small and medium-sized businesses in the United States — and for many of them, great IT support is the only thing they need to realize their full potential.

Low risk, high reward. The business model is proven. The market is sound. It will take you just a few minutes to fill out our simple form to begin exploring the next steps to realizing the dream of being your own boss. We look forward to hearing from you.


#1 Ranked Franchise in the IT Service category by Entrepreneur Magazine and #250 of all franchise systems.

The highest honor any franchise can earn is the enthusiastic endorsement of its own franchise operators.

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