It may seem like today’s workforce is running amok with technology devices – in hands at all times, sitting on top of desks at home and at work, on airplanes, and just about everywhere else.

mobile-devicesWell, I’m here to tell you that mobile devices are running amok — unless systems and protocols are put in place to provide structure, safety, and security. The device rampage is in especially full force for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), which often do not have policies and procedures in place. CMIT Solutions is bridging this divide for SMB owners, providing peace of mind. Even in these bring your own device (BYOD) times, businesses can find affordable, effective IT solutions.

The Tipping Point

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), an authoritative voice on the information technology (IT) industry, reports that the average small-business employee now uses three devices in the course of their daily work. That’s the average SMB staff member — not company executives or ownership. Just a few years ago, the average SMB employee had just one device — a single smartphone.

What this signals is a change — actually more of a revolution in IT service style for SMBs. The birth of the managed ecosystem is here, and CMIT Solutions is at the leading edge. In simple terms, the managed ecosystem approach shifts the focus of IT support from individual devices to individual users.

Down with the Double-Edged Sword

The BYOD phenomenon is a double-edged sword for SMBs — improved access to emails and files at low to no capital expenditures. The benefits to productivity are tremendous, which is certainly good news for SMBs. However, increased network and intellectual property vulnerability is bad news.

How do you eliminate this threat?

Here are five ways CMIT Solutions is taking control of the BYOD revolution for its clients:


Getting employees set up properly with appropriate access to all of the systems they use is critical. Just as important is de-provisioning an employee from files they do not need — or ending their access when they leave the company. This is all about being nimble and responsive.

Password Management

With the ever-expanding number of portals and devices the SMB employee must log in to to do their jobs, the number of passwords each employee must remember has grown exponentially, as well. As human beings, we each have our own techniques for dealing with increasing complexity. Too often we dumb down the passwords to the cat’s name or our birthdate. Not a good strategy in our increasingly risky world. CMIT Solutions is now making it easier for the employee while also increasing the level of password security.

File Management

Increased mobility within multiple systems leads to many employees wanting to work on a file without having access to it. Or they may be uncertain if they’re working on the latest version of the file. Advanced file management systems driven by fast-paced cloud computing can resolve these matters, keeping all devices current.


Are we sure that our employees are not connecting to unsecured networks? What about checking email at the coffee shop? How about accessing the office network? All of these are questions that SMBs must consider. CMIT’s device-centric approach addresses these threats.

Single Point of Support

With all of these mobile devices, diverse systems, and far-flung data repositories, is there one single place that an employee can go to for comprehensive help regardless of what they are having trouble with?

To recap:

Small and medium-sized businesses seeking efficiency and productivity have embraced a patchwork of devices, systems, and architectures. Helping SMBs fully exploit the potential of technologies that will provide processes, systems, and a simplified, more intuitive infrastructure is what we as an industry must focus on.

Those who can deliver the whole enchilada will be those that flourish going forward.

CMIT Solutions believes that nothing less than a complete solution will do.

Jeff Connally HeadshotJeff Connally is the President & CEO of CMIT Solutions, a leading provider of managed services and other computer consulting services. With over 140 units run by 125 franchise partners, CMIT Solutions is in the top 5% of Managed Service Providers (MSP) nationwide. We offer proactive, preventative IT solutions at an affordable price, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy superior service and support.