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If your long-term goals of financial security and more time with your family seem out of reach, maybe it’s time you considered joining CMIT.
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At CMIT Solutions, we’re committed to serving clients in the small to medium-sized business realm with the best IT service on the planet. But we can’t do that without our talented franchisees, many of whom have come into our system as struggling independent IT providers and blossomed into successful owners.


From day one, we work hard to drive down your costs, increase your margins, and provide the kind of benefits that your local and regional competitors simply don’t have, or are forced to cover on their own. Below are three aspects of the CMIT system that we consider integral to business success — and that come automatically built in to our operations:

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With CMIT Solutions, you don’t have to hire marketing professionals, creative agencies, or consultants to spread the word about your business. And you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself, something most small business owners don’t do well (or at all, depending on your budget). Instead, we identify powerful insights into what our market needs, produce high-quality print and digital campaigns, and deliver a weekly QuickTips newsletter read by over 100,000 subscribers. We also help you engage in dual brand building that leverages your existing brand equity and our North American network. We are committed to local ownership and helping you build on the service you already offer to your peers.


Thanks to our primary and secondary research, we are able to identify the comprehensive product offerings our clients are looking for. And with nearly 150 locations, our purchasing and negotiating power earns us the lowest possible cost with our alliance partners. Even better, we build long-term strategic relationships with each of those partners. They are far more than just vendors to us, and we are far more than just clients to them; with those relationships come great support, influence into product road maps, and a status as their #1 channel partner.


As an independent IT provider, you have local knowledge, local presence, and (we suspect) a strong set of happy clients. But by joining the CMIT system, you gain access to a larger market; our franchisees regularly win multi-location deals that call for close alignment and collaboration across many offices. In addition, we have more than 750 technicians across North America that stay in constant contact to solve problems and vet solutions, allowing our franchise owners to deliver the highest quality service to their clients. We consider this a specific competitive advantage unmatched by any other IT providers.


The bottom line is that our overall cost structure is much lower than even the largest regional IT companies that we compete with, which means you get the opportunity to be more profitable working in the CMIT system. And we’re not just bragging: our revenue per headcount is in the top quartile of the franchise industry and well above most other MSPs. If you’d like to learn more, we welcome your involvement in deeper due diligence and the discovery process. At CMIT Solutions, we relish the opportunity to help independent business owners build an even more valuable asset and position themselves for even greater success. If you’d like to take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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