Your business computer systems seem to be cruising along just fine and the hardware that you rely on looks okay. So it’s easy to understand the temptation to opt for the status quo — to not upgrade software systems when prompted to or upgrade to new hardware as needed. After all, when you have so many fires to put out daily, why worry about adding one more potential trouble spot to the list. Why mess with something that works already?

The answer is that older systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks and productivity-related problems. The WannaCry ransomware attack that wreaked havoc in 2016 exploited a vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft Windows while upgraded systems dodged the bullet. But just because you’ve been spared an IT disaster so far doesn’t mean you will always continue to be so lucky.

Older technologies need to be periodically evaluated to make sure they’re not exposing your business to new vulnerabilities. Increasing cyberattacks call for proactive, cutting-edge IT solutions that protect valuable data and prevent an incident in the first place. Unfortunately, cybersecurity has become a game of cat and mouse so it’s critical to have the upper hand at all times.

Older technology also runs slow, decreasing productivity. As software packages and hardware systems go through continuous upgrades, businesses find that support for older versions is less reliable and harder to find. What’s more, newer generations of talent use newer technology, so keeping your business IT systems updated will present your business in the best light to potential new hires.

CMIT Solutions ensures that all personal and business accounts are upgraded with top-of-the line tools and technology to keep online identities and data safe. Buying the latest technology isn’t always necessary, though; equally true, new systems must be integrated and fine-tuned carefully to ensure that they function accordingly. A trusted IT solutions provider like CMIT Solutions can make sure your technology is up to date with your business plans or personal needs. Our careful custom evaluation and proactive IT services deliver exactly what you need at a price that you can afford.

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